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Most buyers have a hard time imagining homes decorated differently or with needed updates.

If you have pink paint in your living room or out of style furniture throughout the home, most buyers won’t be able to imagine themselves living there.

But seeing how the rooms are laid out and where the steps to the 2nd floor sit is different than imagining the pink living room repainted. 

Today, almost all buyers study homes for sale online before they decide which homes to go see. My marketing targets buyers most likely to be interested in your home, showing them what want to see.  The results are more showings from the RIGHT buyers who might actually want to buy your home.

Custom floor plans are one of those things that really make a difference in getting buyers into a home for sale. Whether the house is big or small, floor plans make a difference.


Click on the custom floor plans below to see larger images of some of my property floor plans.

If you are ready to sell your St. Louis home, the agent you choose really makes a difference.

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