St. Louis Free Summer Concert Schedule

If you are looking for outdoor free summer concerts in St. Louis, you found the most complete schedule in town. 

Bookmark this page as I have been updating it every year since 2008 and have no plans to stop.

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St. Louis Free Summer Concert ScheduleFunky Butt Brass Band playing at Jungle Boogie Nights (photo credit Josh Monken)

One more thing…I am NOT an organizer of any of the concert series and don’t book concerts. If you have a band and want to get on the schedule, or you want more information about a concert series, you need to click through the links and contact the concert organizers directly. I really can’t help.

Summer 2015 – Outdoor Free Concerts:

Please click on the links to confirm location, time & date before heading out.









Saturday & Sunday:


















Did I leave something out?

Local free outdoor live music continues to gain popularity. Each year there seems to be a few new concerts series started.

Please help me make this a comprehensive list of EVERY St. Louis area free summer concert series held outside.

If you know of any other outdoor free concert series, leave me a comment and I’ll add them to the list.

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104 thoughts on “St. Louis Free Summer Concert Schedule

  1. Here’s another, Karen!

    Concerts at the Plaza
    Victorian Plaza in Downtown Ferguson
    Live Music/Food/Drinks
    Friday May 29 (5:30 – 8)
    (This is the first of a series, I don’t know the other dates yet. I can let you know when I find out.)

  2. Sara – Thanks for letting me know about the Ferguson concert series. I added it to the list. Let me know if you get a full schedule and I’ll add the additional dates.

    1. June 11 The Rescue Band
      The Midwest’s Original
      Party Rock Band

      July 9 Northwinds Concert
      Band Pops Concert

      Aug 13 Javier Mendoza

      Sept. 10 Ferguson’s own and
      St. Louis Jazz Legend,
      Jeanne Trevor

      Oct 8 Neon Blues Band

  3. This is great. I have thought about this for a couple of years, but thought “someone else” should do this. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks! I did this last year for the group at work and when I was looking this year you had this posted. It’s great!

  5. Check out the above web site top right hand column; there are some on my list that you do not have and you are welcome to them if you wish to add them to your list.


  6. Glad everyone seems to like the concert schedule list.

    Ron – Thanks for pointing out a few more concerts. My list is only for free concerts in public places (not restaurants/bars) so I left off the Boat House and Jefferson Barracks concerts. But, I did add the Bridgeton & Manchester concerts. I didn’t know about those ones. Thanks!

  7. How wonderful! We are coming to visit St Louis from Ireland this summer and your information has been most enlightening. See you there!!

    1. I’ll be sure to update the list next spring with a new post. I’ve gotten such a good response from the list the last two years, it’s clear that the St. Louis area needs a comprehensive concert list.

          1. I think this comment is about the Whitaker Urban Evening Series held in St. Louis place park for six weeks each summer. This six- year old series features top St. Louis bands, free kids activities and is truly a unique event. The line-up hasn’t been announced yet, but it will be held each Thursday June 14 – July 19. St. Louis Place Park is on St. Louis Ave. (about five blocks west of Crown Candy) and Rauschenbach Ave. For more info check out:

          2. The music is from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.. There is free face painting and art projects for kids from 7:00 – dark (usually around 8:15).

  8. you may want to check: They have periodic music festivals during the summer including blues, jazz, bluegrass, rock, and reggae starting with the Blues festival Saturday, May 8. Lots of fun and many nearby restaurants and shops.

    1. Amy – thanks for the tip about New Town. There are a lot of great 1 time events around town and it sounds like New Town would definitely fit that bill. Since this list includes only concert series, I’m not adding it for now. If you know of a concert series in New Town, let me know and I’ll add it.

      Either way, St. Charles folks should check out their schedule if they are looking for some good music close to home.

      1. Our entire group is looking foward to this concert confirming appointment May 27, strting time 4:40 p.m until

  9. Hey Karen,
    Someone asked about the free concerts in Rothenbach Park, it’s actually named Rauschenbach Park located on the corner of Rauschenbach and St. Louis Ave.
    I began attending last year. They began the free session on June 17, 2010. Concerts will continue every Thursday night 7:00-9:00 pm. It is a wonderful family affair with a few vendors, water sprinklers for the children to romp and some events offer free face painting for the children. I checked and some of the lineup include;
    July 1 Arvell and Company
    July 8 Funky ButtBrass Band
    July 15 Boogie Chyld’s Tribute to Michael Jackson
    These events run all summer long and they are wonderful.
    Also, a lot of the north county parks provide free concerts that are extremely wonderful.

    1. Tracie – Thanks for the info on Rauschenbach Park. I’ll get it added to the site. If you know of any other North County parks that offer an outdoor free concert series (not just one concert), let me know and I’ll get them added too. My goal is to make sure that every option in St. Louis City, County & St. Charles is listed on this post!

  10. Just to get back with you again before the concert. We will be thier May 27, 2011 time 4:40 p.m. as you have posted for us form December. If you know any other places that Family over Everything: FOE can peform please let me know

    1. I just want to make sure that you realize that this post was not put out by the people organizing any of the events listed on this post. If you are scheduled to perform, you need to confirm directly with the concert organizers, not here. I would hate to have them think you weren’t coming because you responded to them at the wrong place!

    1. This list will be updated in the next few weeks. If I do it too early, then half of the parks don’t have information out yet and I have to come back and edit it a dozen times. To get notified by email when it is updated, click on the link at the top of the post to sign up for email updates.

  11. Karen,

    I have a starter list up on my blog and hope to add to it as the schedules become available. I know your business is tough right now but wish you the best for 2011.
    I will add a link to your web site when you get your 2011 concert list posted.

    Take care,

    Ron Jackson

    1. I finally got the list updated, and played with the formatting so the link to your blog is more noticeable. I created the list for people like me who don’t care as much about who is playing as much as finding a convenient concert on the day that they want to get out. BUT, I know there are tons of people who would plans for weeks around hearing their favorite bands. You offer a really great service!

      And thanks for your concerns about our business. We’re actually having a good year so far, and are expecting a contract today on one of our listings.

    1. I’ve heard great things about this Festival. Other than Fair St. Louis, I really don’t include Festivals on this list. This is more about a concert series that spans weeks or months. One of these days I should create a list of annual festivals.

      But I’m still glad you mentioned it, since I know that people get ideas from these comments too.


  12. Great list! Please add our concert series as well.

    Edwardsville Arts in the Park
    • Friday & Saturday, June 10th & 11th Route 66 Festival (festival with live music)
    • June 17 Funky Butt Brass Band
    • June 24 George Portz & Friends of Bluegrass
    • July 1 Masters Voice Choir
    • July 8 Marquise Knox
    • July 15 Pik’n Lik’n
    • July 22 Orange
    • July 29 Rich McDonough & Rough Grooves


    1. Thanks for adding your concert series to the list. I have to have some limits to keep the list manageable, so I’ve opted to stick to just the MO side of the river. The reality is that while I love that this list provides a good community resource for so many people, the fact that it draws people to our real estate site who might buy one of our listings or hire us is what justifies me spending time on it. And since we don’t sell homes in IL, I can’t justify spending time creating IL related content here.

      Still, I’m sure that some of our readers will be very interested and will show up!

  13. The Lafayette Park concerts page is from 2011 – this year (2012) is not posted as yet. Thanks for this page! It's great!

    1. I've got the link updated now. The Lafayette Square site changed the way they display information, and it's a calendar now instead of a list, so I linked to the city site instead.

    1. I knew about Ferguson, and just updated that one. I didn't know about anything in Florissant. I'll see what I can find, but if you know of a link to the info, I'd appreciate you passing it along.

  14. Looking for schedule for concerts @ st ferdinand park in florissant, concerts in clayton shaw park ? Also cork in ferguson ?

    1. I've got most of the concerts updated now. I need to run out to an appointment, but will check through the 5 I haven't double-checked yet…the rest don't have info out yet. I'll keep working on the list until everything is updated!

    1. I’m not able to add the Jefferson Barracks concerts to this list because they aren’t free. Granted, at $5 per person (kids free), it’s cheap…but this list is about free concerts. Thanks for passing on the tip though since our JeffCo friends may go for it given the lack of any free concerts in the area.

  15. These concerts are a great idea. They good community activity and great family fun.

    Question: Why are there no concerts scheduled in Sherman Park, Fairgrounds Park or O’Fallon Park? All located on the north side of the city, where hard working, tax paying citizens reside?

    1. I’ve never seen anything published online for these parks. There are definitely more concert series in St. Louis City and St. Louis County than in St. Charles County. Sounds like something that needs to be addressed with the city by residents in the area.

  16. Karen,
    Great job on this list. Two updates –Laumeier has decided not to continue concerts, and your link to chesterfield amphitheater takes you to the botanical gardens website.

    1. Thanks for the information! I got busy with selling homes and have neglected updating the list over the last couple of months. I’ll get your updates to the list tonight.

  17. Florissant has Concert under the Stars Series. Saturdays at 7 (I believe) in St Ferdinand Park. Seating on hilll above the duck pond.

  18. Birds In Concert is a series of free concerts held every Thursday night in August at 7:00 pm, at World Bird Sanctuary.
    August 2: The Raptor Project followed by Javier Mendoza
    August 9: The Raptor Project
    August 16: The Raptor Project followed by Augusta Bottoms Consort
    August 23: The Raptor Project followed by Babaloo
    August 30: The Raptor Project followed by The Rebounds
    Check out our website for more information and directions:

  19. Hi Karen, I learned about your concert list from my daughter Marie at Shawn Williams Salon. I collect lists of cocnerts myself when I see them so was very happy to see your list! Here’s another outdoor concert that I play in every summer. U-City Summer Band, free concerts every Tuesday, 7:00pm June 12 – July 24 (except July 3), Market in the Loop at 6655 Delmar in U-City. Website:

  20. Ric & Debbie – thanks for letting me know about the concert series. I just added the World Bird Sanctuary concerts in Valley Park to the Thursday list and already had the Market in the Loop Tuesday concerts listed.

    Keep ’em coming. If anyone knows of something I’ve missed, please let me know!

  21. Dear Karen

    I am from JeffCo (Arnold). I have been going to concerts almost every night during the summer for the last few years. I just learned of your posting from another free concert fan that I met in the park. Great job. I have for the last few years been attending Jefferson Barracks Sat concerts at $10 per person (not $5). I called Friends of JB as to why no concerts in 2012 and reason given was financial they could not continue. There always seem to be large crowds during the concerts (held Fri & Sat in June) but I am not the one funding the events. I asked how much it cost to do the Patsy Cline/Buddy Holley/Elvis recently at Carondelet. The answer was $2,000. I have seen people give a $5 bill to the donation ladies and ask for $4 back. Although the concerts are free, I would like to see them continue and not cancel like JB, Laumeier, or cut back like Tower Grove did for June of this year. Concerning free concerts not listed, Arnold had 1 this year (cut back from other years). Also, Grafton, Illinois had concerts close to the river (nice view) this year. When concert season is over in the parks, live music can be found at the Boat House in Forest Park every Fri and Sat (I believe the same is this year). There is long playing music (10 pm at least). People are in lawn chairs outside the fence with own baskets. I usually get nachos or some other food to help Boat House with cost of band. Thanks Again for your work. Cal Weber

  22. Twilight Tuesdays start up (again, after a recess) on Aug 28 and run through Oct 9 at the Forest Park History Museum (6-8 pm). May want to update your list. Thanks. Cal Weber

  23. Karen,
    Thank you for providing such a great resource! Can you please include the following Benton Park Summer Concert Series?

    SATURDAY • July 6, 2013
    Concert (4pm – 10pm)
    Bands: Aaron Kamm & the One Drops and the C-Box Prophets

    SUNDAY • August 11, 2013
    Lakeside Jazz Picnic (3pm – 6pm)
    Bands: Bosch & Victoria Melange

    SATURDAY • October 5, 2013
    Concert + Taste of Benton Park + Art Festival (1pm – 6pm)
    Bands: Swing Set and Jake’s Leg

    Thanks again, and please let me know if you have any questions.

    1. Thanks Ginger for the link. I don’t list festivals on this list…it would be overwhelming to get them all…so I decided to stick to just concert series.

      And I’m thrilled you love the website. It’s been a lot of work, but all worth it when I hear comments like yours!

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  25. Concerts for O’Fallon Park in St.Louis are never listed. I am not sure exactly when they start this year but it’s normally sometime in June or July. Would appreciate this concert series being listed.

  26. Would you please add our free 2014 Citywalk Concert Series to your list? Thanks!

    These free concerts take place most 2nd & 4th Fridays each month, April through November, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) at Plaza at 501 (501 S. Florissant Road, Ferguson, MO 63135). Bring a blanket or lawn chair. Coolers are permitted. No glass. Concessions available for purchase on-site.

    Citywalk Concert Series 2014

    August 8 – Pat Liston, Rock
    August 22 – Anita Rosemond, Variety
    September 12 – Jim Stevens Group, Jazz
    October 10 – Kingdom Brothers, Blues
    November 2 – SuperJam, Rock (5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

  27. We have a free concert series called Beale Street Concert Series. The concerts are the second Wednesday of every month until October. Our next concerts are Abbey Road Warriors in August, Surrender Dorothy in September and Hollywood 5 in October. These Concerts are located at the Streets of St. Charles 1650 Beale Street St. Charles MO 63303. Retailers in our complex have booths on the street serving beverages and food. If you could post our concerts that would be great, thanks!

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