Where Can Pit Bulls Live in St. Louis?

I recently helped Michael and Jenny close on their new home.

I actually started working with them a couple of years ago. The first time we got together, I visited their home since they would be selling too. I took one look at their (adorable) pit bull dog, and told them we needed confirm where they could live with their dog without restrictions.

If you didn’t realize it already, I’m a huge dog lover. I’ve been volunteering with dog rescues and most of the time have a couple of foster dogs in my own home. I knew from working in rescue that pit bulls can’t live everywhere, so I looked for a comprehensive list to give my clients.  When I couldn’t find a list I thought was good enough, I put together a list for myself.

Where Can Pit Bulls Live in St. Louis? | Arch City Homes

Where Can Pit Bulls Live in St. Louis? | Arch City Homes

Where Can Pit Bulls Live in St. Louis? | Arch City Homes

Morgan got a LOT of treats during the photo shoot!

Where Can You Live in St. Louis with a Pit Bull?

If you live in a municipality that has rules impacting specific breeds of dogs, you have to follow those rules. Living in an area without breed specific legislation (BSL), will make your life easier if you own a pit bull or Rottweiler in the St. Louis area.

Currently, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles City or St. Charles County don’t have any BSL restrictions!

Some cities in St. Louis County prohibit pit bulls and Rottweilers entirely. Others declare them dangerous simply based on their breed or appearance. All cities have ordinances that impact dangerous dogs, so you really need to know if your sweet dog who wouldn’t hurt a fly is going to be deemed dangerous simply because of the way he looks.

If you own or plan to adopt a pit bull or Rottweiler, you NEED to check the BSL restrictions for areas you are considering BEFORE picking a house.

What Do Cities Consider a Pit Bull?

The text below is the Normandy definition of a “pit bull”:

Any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds of bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, any breed commonly known as pit bulls, pit bull dogs or pit bull terriers, or a combination of any of those breeds.

Laws can change, and while I will try to keep this updated, you should not rely just on this list. Click through to the links to confirm any rules impacting the area you will live. If a city isn’t on this list and you own a dog that you believe could be banned, check with the municipality before making an offer on a house. 

NO BSL Restrictions:

BSL Restrictions in St. Louis County Municipalities:

Are You Thinking About Moving?

I specialize in selling St. Louis region homes regardless of whether they will be the hot listing to hit the market or if they have a challenge that makes it much harder to sell. I also work with buyers who want to find the home of their dreams but don’t want to overpay.

And if you are an animal owner, I would love to work with you. Whether you need to board your horse nearby, have a dedicated room for your iguana or don’t want the cat to escape during home showings, I can help you.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the St Louis area, give me a call at 314-265-8073 and let’s talk about your options.

St. Louis Dog Events: Community Swimming Pool Parties

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Dog swimming pool parties

Many of the St. Louis community public swimming pools offer an end of summer dog swim party.

Rules vary from pool to pool. Some pools don’t allow humans in the pools at all. Others allow people to wade into the pool with their dog. Some allow children, some don’t.

Be sure to check the information provided before you head out so you know what to expect.

All of the pools are going to require written proof that the dogs attending have had their shots and will expect you to clean up after your dog, so bring a shots record and your potty bags.

I took my dog Milo to the Kirkwood dog pool party a few years ago. Check out the video I took to get a preview of what you can expect at these events.

2017 Events:


Date:  Saturday September 9 (11-1 PM dogs under 25 lbs and 1-3 PM dogs over 25 lbs)
Cost: $10 per dog (with 1 owner), $3 per additional person
Location: Outdoor pool at Arnold Recreation Center

People can get into water knee deep only. Payment by cash or check.

St. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesPhoto Credit – Giacomo Carena (Flickr)


Date:  Tuesday September 5 (4:30 – 7:30 PM)
Cost: $10 per dog
Location: North Pointe Aquatic Center

Multiple pools for the dogs to swim in and a lot of space to run. All dogs and children must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old. People are not allowed in the water. No aggressive dogs will be allowed. All dogs must have current vaccinations.

St. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesSt. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesPhoto Credit – Gloria (Flickr)


Date:  Saturday September 9 (1 – 3 PM)
Cost: $10 per dog with pre-registration, $13 at the door (humans free)
Location: Bridgeton Crossing Family Aquatic Park
Website: Activity guide page 13

Dogs must have proof of rabies and DHLPC2 vaccination.


Date:  Tuesday September 5 (4:30 – 7 PM)
Cost: $7 per dog, $3 per person, children 2 and under are free
Location: Chesterfield Family Aquatic Center

Owners must have the most recent record of vaccinations for dogs to participate. Up to 2 dogs per family and no puppies under 4 months old.


Date:  Tuesday September 5 (5:30 – 6:30 PM small dogs, 7 – 8 PM medium and large dogs), rain date Wednesday September 6
Cost: $10 resident dogs, $15 non-resident dogs
Location: Crestwood Aquatic Center

In prior years, preregistration has been required. Contact Crestwood to see if it is required this year. All dogs who are friendly are welcome. Proof of rabies vaccinations and current tags are required.

St. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesPhoto Credit – O.G. (Flickr)

Des Peres:

Date:  Tuesday September 5 (5:30 – 7:30 PM)
Cost: $10 per dog
Location: The Lodge Outdoor Pool

Owners must show written proof of current vaccinations for distemper, parvo and rabies. Owners may not swim with their dogs.


Date:  Thursday September 7 (5 – 8 PM) & Saturday September 9 (9 AM – 12 PM)
Cost: $7 per dog, $3 per person, children 2 and under are free
Location: EDGE Aquatic Center

Handlers must bring a copy of current rabies vaccination record for each dog. Handlers must be at least 18 years old and must sign waiver of liability. Dogs must be at least 6 months old.


Date: Wednesday September 6 (6 – 7:30 PM)
Cost: $5 per dog
Location: The Timbers of Eureka

Limit 2 dogs per owner. Proof of rabies and DHLPP vaccinations required for admission.

St. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesPhoto Credit – Tracy Lee (Flickr)


Date: Tuesday September 5 (4 – 5:45 PM or  6:15 – 8 PM)
Cost: $10 per dog & handler, $7 per additional dog (limit 2 dogs per handler) $3 additional person
Location: RiverChase Recreation Center

Proof of updated vaccinations (DHLPP and rabies) required before entering the pool.


Date:  Sunday August 13 (6 – 8 PM)
Cost: $10 (dog and 1 adult human companion), $3 per additional person
Location: Splash at Wabash

Proof of rabies and DHLPP vaccinations.


Date:  Friday August 11 (6:30 – 8:30 PM) and Saturday August 12 (10 AM – 12 PM)
Cost: $10 (dog and owner), $3 additional person
Location: Koch Family Park Aquatic Center

All dogs must wear an ID tag and be on a leash unless swimming. All current vaccination records, including DHLPP or DHLP and Rabies shots are required to swim. These must be written records. Tags are not proof.

St. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesPhoto Credit – Ann Dewig (Flickr)


Date:  Tuesday September 5 (5 – 7 PM) & Thursday September 7 (5:30 – 6 PM small dogs 25 lbs or under only, 6 – 7:30 PM all dogs)
Cost: $10 (dog and 1 adult human companion), $3 per additional person
Location: Kirkwood Aquatic Center

Proof of rabies and DHLPP vaccinations.


Date:  Wednesday September 6 (dogs under 50 lbs only – 5:30 – 7:30 PM) & Thursday September 7 (all dogs, 5:30 – 7:30 PM)
Cost: $5 (1 dog and owner), $3 additional dog
Location: The Pavilion at Lemay

Maximum of 2 dogs per person. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations (DHLPP and rabies). Bring written proof from the veterinarian, tags are not proof. All dogs must be recently bathed, wear an ID tag and be on a leash except when swimming.


Date:  Saturday September 9 & Sunday September 10 (1 – 4 PM)
Cost: $11 (1 dog and owner, limit of 2 dogs), $3 additional person
Location: Aquatic Center at Schroeder Park

Owners must provide complete vaccination records (rabies, bordetella and distemper). Dangerous dogs must be muzzled.

St. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesPhoto Credit – daphenator (Flickr)


Date:  Friday September 8 (4 – 8 PM) & Saturday September 9 (12 – 4 PM)
Cost: $10/1 day or $15/2 days (1 dog with 2 adults), $1 per day (people without a dog)
Location: Maplewood Family Aquatic Center

The swim is for Greater St. Louis area dogs more than four months of age. Rabies vaccination records are required for each dog to participate and must be presented at the front desk. Participants must sign a liability waiver. No children under 13 allowed. Children ages 13 to 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18. No more than two dogs per person. Wading to the knees is permitted. No human swimming.

Maryland Heights:

Date:  Monday September 4 (6:15 – 8:15 PM)
Cost: $12 (1 dog with one person), $5 additional dog, $3 additional person, discount available with advance registration
Location: Maryland Heights Aquaport

Kiddie pool will be open for small dogs. Dogs must be recently bathed and kept on a leash when not swimming. All dogs must be wearing an ID tag and a current Dogport tag or bring a current vaccination records including rabies and distemper. All dogs must be at least 6 months old. Limit of 2 dogs per person. An adult must accompany children under 18. To avoid entrance lines, pre-register at the Maryland Heights Center.

O’Fallon (MO):

Date:  Saturday September 9 (9:30 – 11:30 AM)
Cost: $12 (1 dog and 1 resident human companion) $12 (1 dog and 1 non-resident human companion)
Location: Alligator’s Creek Aquatic Center

Preregistration is available by calling 636-474-2732. Proof of rabies and DHLPP vaccinations. Dogs must be accompanied by an adult 18 or over.


Date:  Tuesday September 5 (6 – 8 PM)
Cost: $10 per dog
Location: Shrewsbury Family Aquatic Center

Dogs must have current shots records.

St. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesPhoto Credit – Andrew Macgill (Flickr)

St. Charles:

Date:  Monday August 14 & Thursday August 17 (6 – 8 PM)
Cost: $10 (dog and 1 adult human companion), $3 per additional person
Location: McNair Park Pool

All current vaccination records, including DHLPP and rabies are required to swim. Well socialized dogs welcome. AGGRESSIVE dogs will be asked to leave. No pinch/choke collars! Owners MUST bring bags or other method to clean up after their dogs. Dogs MUST be leashed unless swimming in the pool and closely supervised by their owners. All children under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Dogs are running loose and become rambunctious. Small children should be closely supervised to avoid injuries. All owners MUST sign a waiver and are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damage caused by their dogs. All dogs must wear an I.D. tag.

Sunset Hills:

Date:  Friday September 8 (6-8 PM) and Saturday September 9 (10 AM – 12 PM)
Cost: $10 per dog, no charge for people
Location: Sunset Hills Aquatic Center

Bring proof of vaccination (rabies and bordetella). Limit 2 dogs per handler, must be 18 years or older. Space is limited so pre-registration is encouraged. 

University City:

Date: Saturday September 9 & Sunday September 10 (11 AM – 3 PM)
Cost: $15 (1 dog and 2 people), $2 additional people, discounted price of $25 per dog for both days
Location: Heman Park Pool

Dogs must be with an owner at least 18 yrs of age and owners must bring written proof that their dog’s rabies shot is current or be wearing a U City Dog Park tag. Belly flop contest at 1 pm both days and swimwear contest throughout both days. Water for the dogs and potty bags provided. Concession stand open selling bottled water, soda, hot dogs and popcorn.

St. Louis Dog Events ~ Community Swimming Pool Parties - Arch City HomesPhoto Credit – Gloria (Flickr)

Webster Groves:

Date:  Wednesday September 6 (4 – 5:30 PM or 6 – 7:30 PM)
Cost: $10 per dog with adult human, $5 additional person
Location: Webster Groves Aquatic Center

Owners must provide proof of vaccination records. Owners may wade but not swim with the dogs. Children 12 and under will not be allowed in the water.


Date:  Tuesday September 5 (7 – 9 PM), rain date Wednesday September 6 at 6:30 PM
Cost: $8 per dog preregistered, $15 at the door
Location: Splash Station Aquatic Center

Bring proof of vaccination at time of registration. All dogs must be leashed when out of the water. 

Did I miss an event?

If I did, leave me a comment below with the basic information and I’ll get it added to the list.


If you are a pet owner and want a pet-friendly realtor in St. Louis, we should talk.

Pet Friendly Home Tips…Courtesy of St. Louis Home Sellers

Over the years I’ve worked with many clients who have all types of pets.

Everyone who knows me knows that I particularly love dogs. I have a dog of my own and also foster dogs too. I’m also a former cat owner and understand how to deal with roaming cats who need access to their litter box and might dart out the front door during a showing.

Whether I’m helping my clients look for a home near horse stables, a room that can be dedicated to the iguana or a spot for the chicken coop in the backyard, my goal is to help my clients find a home that meets their pet needs.

Yes…I have actually done all of these things for buyers who put their pet priorities on their ‘must have list’ for their new home. 

And if my clients are selling, I can make sure their home’s pet features included in the marketing without eliminating non-pet buyers at the same time.

Dog Friendly Home Tips:

I have fun snapping pictures of home modifications designed to make living with dogs easier. Check out a some of the pictures I’ve taken while showing clients homes all over town.

My clients Jenny and Michael bought a house last month where 2 growing puppies and a large adult dog were living. The owners puppy-proofed the family room to protect the rest of the house and the floors. While I wouldn’t have recommended showing the house while it was for sale with the room set up like this, it was a great solution.

If you have a puppy that will likely outgrow his destructive phase, or an extra room that you can simply turn into your dog’s palace, you might want to give this a try.

In the same house, these smart homeowners converted a twin bed and mattress into a dog bed. They just removed the legs off the frame and set it on the floor. It’s a brilliant solution if you have puppies still in the chewing stage, multiple dogs or giant sized dogs.

Another one of my buyer couples purchased a Webster Groves homes that used a floor doggy doorbell instead of bells on the door. All they had to do is teach the dog to ring the doorbell rather than scratching on the door or holding a staring contest (like my dog Milo does when he wants to go out).

This mid-century home originally had two windows near the floor with a large picture window above them. The current homeowner replaced one of the lower windows with a solid panel and a doggie door in her master bedroom. The doggie door leads directly into the fenced backyard.

I know a lot of small dog and puppy owners who would love to be able to send the dog outside without even getting out of bed.

Cat Friendly Home Tips:

I wouldn’t want cat owners to be left out. I’ve snapped some cat tips I picked up from home sellers too.

This cat door was built into the basement laundry room door at a home I recently listed in Kirkwood. The door was there when my clients bought the house, and my clients added he brush bristles on the other side of the door to give kitty a light brushing each time she headed to the litter box.

I’ve never seen a heated cat house before, but I guess it’s a thing. This outdoor cat was given a warm spot to rest on the front porch of a home I was showing a couple of years ago. Yes, I’ve been selling homes for a long time.

If you are a pet owner and want a pet-friendly realtor in St. Louis, we should talk.

Circa Properties LOVES Dogs

If you follow me on social media or have met me in person, you know I love dogs. I have one dog of my own, Milo. Plus I foster rescue dogs and find them new families.

So, it was important to me when I joined Circa Properties over 4 years ago that I was joining a dog friendly company.

Circa Properties | Arch City Homes

I also like working in a modern space that is flooded with sunlight, that does everything it can to support the agents and clients.

Plus, how can you go wrong with an office that is painted orange.

But let’s get back to the dogs.

Not only does Circa welcome agents and visitors to bring dogs to the office, but Circa even has a resident dog. Loki is our broker’s dog, and he comes to the office most days. He thinks it is his second home and will make you step over him rather than moving out of the way.

Circa Properties LOVES Dogs | Arch City Homes

He also likes to hang out by the front door, watching for anyone who might show up with food.

Circa Properties LOVES Dogs | Arch City Homes

Milo, my dog, likes to go to the office too. Loki and Milo are still learning to be friends, but everyone is a good sport when the dogs end up barking because Milo just stole Lucky’s bone.

Karen’s Foster Dogs:

I usually have 1-2 foster dogs living with me while I search for the right family to adopt them. Honestly, it’s not all that different than selling homes. I figure out what the dog needs and who is going to want the dog, and then I market the dog via websites, social media and video.

I also work on socializing the dog so they are comfortable with new people. And that means taking them as many places as I can and having strangers hold them.

Luckily, everyone at Circa loves seeing my foster dogs. Sometimes the dogs even help with closings and attend meetings.

If you are ready to move and you have a dog, you need an agent who understands how the move will impact every member of your family. And that includes the dogs.

Karen’s Foster Dog: Help Find Benny a St. Louis Home

Meet my foster dog Benny. He is totally blind and the sweetest dog you’ll every meet.

Benny spent most of his life living with a hoarder. He was kept on a chain outside all of the time. It’s hard to imagine how hard this little boy’s life has been.

If you are wondering why I’m writing about a foster dog on my real estate blog, it’s because everyone deserves a great home. Even a dog. Especially Benny. 

You’ll be seeing more dog rescue stories here on Arch City Homes in the future. I’ll also be sharing information dog owners need to keep in mind when they are thinking of buying or selling a home. You can find all dog related blog posts at the new Dog Lovers Corner

Benny’s Story:

I’ve been fostering dogs for a few years now, and occasionally get a message from someone in the dog rescue network about a dog who needs a foster home. A while ago, I was asked if I could help with with a couple of small dogs from an animal hoarding situation.

I already had a full house with a couple of foster dogs and had to say no. It sounded like other rescue groups stepped up and placements were found for a number of animals including dogs, birds and even a peacock. So I filed this one away in my head and moved on…there is always another rescue plea and it helps to stay focused on what you CAN do, rather than what you had to turn away.

Faster forward a few months. All of my foster dogs had been adopted and I was ready for a new foster dog. I checked with St. Louis County Animal Control, but all of their small dogs had already been placed with other rescue groups. My next message was to Amanda with Stray Angels to see if she knew of any small dogs that needed a safe place to go. Within minutes she spoke to the relatives of the animal hoarder from a few months ago and found out they still had 2 small poodles.

That was December 28.

The week it rained and rained. Highways and neighborhoods were flooded throughout the St. Louis region.

I immediately imagined two tiny poodles huddling together, trying to stay warm as it rained for days on end.

The relatives had moved the poodles, normally kept outside all of the time, into a stairwell landing between the kitchen, side door and basement. While the dogs were out of the rain, they still weren’t in a warm dry house.

I couldn’t leave them out there even one more night so I jumped in the car and drove in the dark from my home in Webster Groves to Millstadt, IL.

The owner had been hospitalized and her kids met me at the house. They clearly wanted a better life for the dogs. To my horror, I realized there were other animals at the house that I would be leaving behind when I left. I got as much information as I could about the one dog still outside on a chain and the 2 cats that had spent their entire lives locked in a small bathroom, and then loaded up Benny and Snoopy into my car.

Forever Home Needed: Help Me Find Blind Benny the Poodle a Home

Thumper was so matted that his collar had to be cut off. He had been living with a heavy chain around his neck for so long that he walked with his head just inches above the ground.

Forever Home Needed: Help Me Find Blind Benny the Poodle a Home

This cat was the friendly one. The other cat was supposedly semi-feral and the relatives planned to let it loose outside with hopes it would find its way to the other cats that lived on their own in the woods. It turns out, the semi-feral cat had a claw that was growing into its paw. I would be wild too if I was living in pain all of the time!

The story has a happy ending. I immediately let Amanda know about the remaining animals and within 3 days they were all taken from the home and placed in foster care.

Just two weeks later, Snoopy went to his forever home. He now has a devoted mom and two poodle brothers.

Forever Home Needed: Help Me Find Blind Benny the Poodle a Home

Now it’s Benny’s turn.

Forever Home Needed: Help Me Find Blind Benny the Poodle a Home

The vet is guessing Benny is roughly 10 years old. He is blind and has a little cough we were working on, but is otherwise in good health.

Help me find Benny a forever home.

All you have to do is share this blog post so people can see his video. 

I’m looking for a home in the St. Louis area with someone who is retired or home most of the time. He gets along with dogs just fine, and I’m positive he would simply ignore cats. He loves people of all kinds, but due to his blindness, I’m looking for a quiet home without children. All he really needs is someone who wants a furry baby for company. A home where he can be coddled and carried around from one part of the house to the other.

He isn’t fully house trained, but as long as you take him outside on a regular basis and crate him when you aren’t home, he rarely has an accident in the house.

UPDATE: It only took 2 weeks to get Benny house trained. He can’t tell you when he needs to go out, but if you put him on a schedule, he will hold it until his feet touch grass. 

Benny doesn’t need a lot of outside space, but he does need a fenced yard. It actually doesn’t need to be a real fence. A small area with a garden picket fence would be fine. He won’t try to break out of the yard. He just needs to know where the boundaries are and have a safe place to get a little exercise and enjoy a warm spring day.

If you are interested in adopting Benny, please contact me or go to Senior Dogs 4 Seniors and fill out an application. Donations to help cover his vet care are also appreciated. In 2015, Senior Dogs 4 Seniors spent over $90,000 on vet bills!

Dog Friendly Event ~ Earth Day St. Louis

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City HomesDog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

Pet lovers looking for something to do today should head out to Earth Day St. Louis.

Held in the Muny parking lot in Forest Park, Earth Day is a great place to have fun with your dog.

Last year, I took my dog Milo. It was his first festival and we both had a great time.

Here are some pictures of what you can expect to find at Earth Day St. Louis today!

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

Milo and I ran into my brother-in-law’s uncle…an Earth Day volunteer. It’s not surprising…St. Louis is such a big small town in some ways.

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

Dogs were everywhere.

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

There were plenty of water bowls for all of the dogs.

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

What a smart way to offer water fountains to both people and dogs!

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

There was a Golden Retriever rescue group raising awareness of the importance of adopting rather than buying a dog, and asking for donations to help them rescue more goldens.

Friendly dogs are welcome but do need to be on a leash no longer than 6 feet.

More than Just for the Dogs:

If you don’t have a dog, you should still go out to Earth Day. So many of the St. Louis festivals turn into an excuse to drink too much. Earth Day is different. It’s family friendly along with being dog friendly.

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

You’ll find lots of informational booths about area non-profits and businesses.

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

I loved that Earth Day St. Louis wasn’t too cramped. There were a lot of people there, but still plenty of places to sit at picnic tables or on the grass.

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

This little boy couldn’t resist the pond that sits in front of the Muny.

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City HomesDog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

There’s even space for a game of catch.

Dog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City HomesDog Friendly Event - Earth Day St. Louis | Arch City Homes

I loved that there was an area where people could check their bike…similar to a coat check…so they didn’t have to worry about locking it up.

I didn’t take any pictures of the food booths. Between holding onto Milo and weaving through the more crowded areas, and hanging onto the food I bought for myself…I just didn’t have enough hands.

Find a Home Near Forest Park:

Imagine what your lifestyle would be like if you lived near Forest Park and could easily attend Earth Day and all of the other annual events.

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