9020 Pilot Ave (Affton area)

1541 Grant Rd (Webster Groves)

14127 Woods Mill Cove Dr (Chesterfield)

4235 West Pine Blvd #3 (Central West End)

6055 Westminster Place (Skinker – DeBaliviere)

2438 Bremerton Rd (Brentwood)

1227 Summerpoint Ln (Fenton)

61 Spring Song Ct (St. Peters)

7568 Ahern Ave (University City)

502 Larkhill Ct (Webster Groves)

7521 Byron Pl #2W (Clayton)

Buyers want to see videos.

Surveys report that 90% of buyers want to see them. But those surveys also report that only 14% of of agents nationwide post videos on their listings to help them sell. And only 4% go a step further and post the video on sites like YouTube or their own website to get their listings as much exposure as possible.

Karen is one of the 4%. 

Every listing gets a property video. Each video is tailored to the unique features of a home. Some use drone photography, some highlight the subdivision or community features. Others focus just on the home.

Karen’s videos don’t follow a template format. Each is custom made to show buyers who are likely to be interested in that particular home what they want to know.