10 Reasons to Hire Karen to Sell Your Home:

Any agent who sells homes can do the basics. Professionally photography. Lots of pictures online. Posted on 3rd party sites like Zillow and Realtor.com.

But you won’t find another agent who will do all of this for you, unless you hire Karen.

Lockbox Notification

Find out exactly when every agent unlocks your door.

And when they leave. So you don’t have to stay away the entire showing appointment. Fabulous for people with kids or pets!

Weekly Report

Most agents dread the weekly call. Often avoiding it completely.

If you hire Karen, you’ll get an easy to understand report that is custom for just your house. Every single week.

Because you need to know everything that is happening in your neighborhood so you can make good decisions.

Floor Plans

Buyers want to understand what it’s like to walk around the house.

EVERY one of Karen’s listings gets a custom floor plan.

Social Media Videos

You NEED videos designed for social media.

Almost no one looks at the videos on the MLS. Which means the videos on Facebook and Instagram are the ones people really see.

When you hire Karen, you will get a custom video (not one made from a template). Sometimes they even include drone video. But they are always perfect for sharing on social media.

Sell the Location Too

Buyers need to know why your home is in the perfect location. I’ll tell them about the great schools. The neighborhood pool. The amazing pizza place a few blocks away.


Anyone can hire someone to stage a vacant house.

But what gets done BEFORE the stager comes in is important.

Karen helps sellers prep vacant homes before bringing in a stager. She helps people living in a home rearrange furniture so the house looks the best it can. She even has a FREE interior designer who can help sellers stage their home with their own stuff.

FREE Interior Design Help for your New Home

You shouldn’t have to work so hard to get the home you are selling looking so great, only to move into a new home and be on your own.

I’ll bring in an Interior Designer to help you make your NEW St. Louis home look as good as it can. Even if it will be a rental or you don’t use me to buy the house.

Selling YOUR Home is #1 Priority

Why would you want an agent who is also trying to sell other condos in the same building? Or more homes just blocks away that are about the same price.

Don’t you want an agent who will be encouraging every buyer to purchase YOUR home? Not the one down the street.

Buyer Agent Commission

I pay buyer agents higher commission rates than almost all agents. Because it isn’t fair to you to offer extra services but then hurt your chances to sell by reducing the buyer agent commission.

And you won’t pay more for me…I just lower my portion of the commission so you aren’t paying more.

Competitive Pricing

Yes, you can find a discount realtor who will charge you less. But you won’t get the same service.

And the prep work, top notch negotiation skills and faster sales will net you more in the end than if you had hired that cheap agent.

Are you ready to…

Get Your Home Sold?

Find Your Dream Home?