7 Reasons to Hire Karen to Find Your NEXT Home:

Any agent who helps buyers can get you into the homes you want to see. Or can set you up for an automated home search.

But you won’t find another agent who will do all of this for you, unless you hire Karen.

You will Never be Pushed to Buy a Home

I hate pushy salesmen.

If you can do better, I’ll tell you. If I wouldn’t want my best friend to buy the house, I’ll tell you.

And if you should consider renting instead of buying, I’ll tell you that too. Really.

Making You My #1 Priority

You will probably be my only client looking in the area and price range you want.

That means when a new home pops on the market, I’ll only be calling you to see if you like it. Not you and a dozen other clients.

How Long Does it Take to Get to Work?

When we start looking at homes, I’ll give you a drivetime map so you can see how far you can get to work in 15 minutes. Or maybe you are willing to drive 30 minutes. You decide how long is too long.

I’ll set the maps to match the time you need to arrive at work and when you leave the office. Because the less time you spend commuting to work, the more time you have for family and the fun stuff.

What’s Selling Around Your New Home

Every year, I’ll send you an updated report to show you everything that is selling around your home.

My report will keep you up to date on if you got a good price or not. Because I’m not worried that you overpaid.

FREE Interior Design Help for your New Home

You shouldn’t have to work so hard to get the home you are selling looking so great, only to move into a new home and be on your own.

I’ll bring in an Interior Designer to help you make your NEW St. Louis home look as good as it can. We can come by before closing to help you figure out paint colors and new flooring. Or we can wait until you move in so you can get help with furniture placement and accessories. Your choice.

Get Contractors into Your New Home

Are you planning on hiring a painter or handyman after closing? I’m happy to let you use one of my lockboxes after closing for a month or two so you don’t have to be home every time someone needs to come over.

Pro Photo Shoot of You at Your New Home

Why do only sellers get great photos? I’ll have a photographer come over and take pictures of you at your home.

No worries. We can limit the pictures to just your favorite rooms. Or even just do the outside.

You’ll get free digital copies of your pictures so you can share the pictures with all of your friends.

Are you ready to…

Get Your Home Sold?

Find Your Dream Home?