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Privacy Policy & Contacting You:

This site does track your information including your IP address, where you are from, what you click on and what type of device you are using. We have no way of identifying who you actually are. The information we obtain is used to improve this site for visitors.

If you sign up for a newsletter by email or you contact Karen with any personal information, then Karen will have your personal information…since you gave it to her. She will never sell or share your your name, email address or phone number. You will also not be sent information you didn’t ask for though she may contact you to ask if you need any help with real estate services.

All of Karen’s newsletters and email campaigns are OPT-IN only.

She does store the information you provide in a secure database or email newsletter service so she can keep in touch.

Photo Credits & Copyright:

Almost all of the St. Louis community photos you will find on this site were personally taken by Karen Goodman. Karen is not a professional photographer, but has fun sharing pictures taken around town. Property listing photos are either taken by Karen or a professional photographer.

Creative commons and royalty free stock photos are used throughout Arch City Homes. When possible, the photo credit is available in the photo properties or the page displaying the content associated with the picture.

All pictures, and everything else on this site, is copyrighted.

You do NOT have permission to download and save the pictures you see here. You do NOT have permission to copy any content other than small sections of an article. In the case that you do use any portion of the written content of this site, you are required to identify the source as Arch City Homes and link to this site.

You DO have permission to share any content from Arch City Homes on social sites including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon and any other social sharing sites.