Karen Goodman has put together a team of real estate pros who work together to make your home sale or purchase smooth sailing.

Arch City Homes is run by Karen Goodman, a Realtor® with Circa Properties.

Why create a team?

Think about it…a single person can only do so many things at a time.

Why doesn’t Karen hire buyer’s agents and listing assistants?

When you hire Karen to help you with your home sale or purchase, you get Karen. Not some other agent she passed you off to.

Arch City Homes team members take care of behind the scenes work so Karen can focus on the clients, and getting homes bought and sold.

Get to know Karen by Video:

Unlike so many other agents, Karen isn’t afraid to step in front of the camera and show you who she really is. She helps you understand real estate issues. And lets you really get to know her without even picking up the phone.

Karen Goodman during a video shoot

There are things that simply can’t wait.

  • incoming contracts
  • problems with existing contracts that could kill the deal
  • potential new clients who call and want to talk about hiring an agent
  • buyers who need a house NOW

These things need immediate attention.

When a real estate agent gets busy, everything else gets pushed aside.

Karen created a team so she can stay focused on you.

Karen Goodman during a video shoot

Arch City Homes Team

Arch City Homes is run by Karen Goodman, a Realtor® with Circa Properties.

Karen Goodman

Team Leader

Christy Beilsmith

Broker, Circa Properties

David Nelson

Property Marketing

Shana Karls

Transaction Coordinator

Selma Muminovic

Team Marketing

Anita Sievers

Office Assistant


Pet Services Advisor

Circa is a locally owned boutique real estate brokerage. Circa agents partner with St. Louis home buyers and sellers, assisting them in one of the biggest purchases or sales they will make.

Circa is selective. Only the best agents are chosen to join the company. Because Circa’s clients deserve the best.

Watch our video, and you’ll see what makes Circa better.

Convinced yet?