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In this video, I talk with 2 local residents about their experiences living in Maplewood, MO.

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Where is Maplewood, MO?

Maplewood is a suburb of St. Louis County in the part of town that locals call Mid County. It is filled with individually owned restaurants and businesses in a vibrant walkable Main Street style area.

Housing in Maplewood offers a lot of options. In Maplewood you will find affordable starter homes, grand historic homes, a handful of condos and plenty of rental apartments.

ACH TV: St. Louis Residents Talk About Where They Live ~ Maplewood, MO | Arch City Homes

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Local Residents Talk about Where They Live

I will be interviewing local residents about the part of town where they live. Each video will focus on one part of town with 1-3 people who live there sharing their perspective.

We’ll talk about why they like living in their corner of the St. Louis area, favorite restaurants, commute time, schools and safety.

Home Buyer and Seller Education

It’s easy to find general information about the home buying or selling process online, but there are a lot of important issues that don’t get discussed. I will be interviewing professionals who can elaborate on important issues that buyers and sellers need to understand.

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