Ever since I bought my first house, I’ve thought about living in the Central West End.

But the timing wasn’t right and I bought my first home in Rock Hill and then my second in University City. I liked living in both areas, but the last few years I’ve toyed with the idea of moving to the Central West End.

Last summer, I decided it was time.

I moved to a townhouse condo on the eastern edge of the Central West End, just blocks from Midtown. I love the condo and I love the area. I’m far enough from the main strip along Euclid that parking isn’t an option. The streets surrounding me are typically quiet where neighbors say hello to each other as they pass on the street. Even though it is winter, I find myself walking the 1-3 blocks to Northwest Coffee, Scottish Arms pub and Cafe Ventana, my new favorite place to spend a few hours.

Coming Soon:

As soon as I moved in I realized that the now shut down restaurant Terrenne is just a few doors down at the end of my cul de sac. Sadly, the location was shuttered.

You can’t believe how excited I was when I walked by one day last month and saw this sign.

Coming Soon: New Central West End Restaurant - The Block - Arch City Homes #stlouis


I do a lot of walking with my dog, and a couple of days later I walked by when workers were going in and out. I briefly spoke to the owner and he said it would be opening in a few weeks. In the following weeks, I saw signs go up on the front door announcing public hearings to approve a liquor license and patio seating. Since the patio already exists and the prior restaurant served liquor, I can’t imagine they’ll have a problem getting approved for either.

Coming Soon: New Central West End Restaurant - The Block - Arch City Homes #stlouisI grabbed this shot of the interior. It looks like there are several rooms…this is what I think is the bar side. There is another area that is clearly restaurant seating plus they have the large fenced brick patio.

I can’t wait for them to open!