There are times when you just need to get out of the house and away from the office to get anything accomplished.

If you live in the St. Louis suburb of Chesterfield, or you travel through Chesterfield periodically, then this list is for you.

Free WiFi is Just a Start:

I have a list of requirements for my WiFi spots before I’ll grab my laptop and head out for a work session. My favorite places have all 5 of the features below.

  • Free Wi-Fi (free)
  • Good coffee with free unlimited refills (coffee)
  • Good access to outlets (plugs)
  • Real food…not just muffins & dessert (food)
  • Easy parking (cars)

To help you decide where you want to take your computer, I am noting these features on my list below for the places that I’ve visited. Some of the WiFi spots came from jiwire’s Wi-Fi finder and some of them came from my friends on twitter, so they won’t all have the features rated.

If you see any free WiFi spots I’ve missed, or can give us any information about the WiFi experience on any of the places I’ve listed below, leave a comment at the end of the post. And definitely let me know if the information is wrong…a place is closed or doesn’t actually offer free WiFi.

I’ve also put together a map with the locations throughout the entire St. Louis area other than the libraries, Starbucks and the fast food chains.

See complete St. Louis region free WiFi list…

Free WiFi Locations in Chesterfield, MO:

Barnes & Noble Bookstores
free, food, cars
In 2009, Barnes & Noble dropped the fees for wifi, making the bookstore a great option for laptop users. They offer a limited menu and Starbucks coffee (no free refills). I’ve never visited the Chesterfield location, but assume that the cafes are similar at all of the stores. At the Ladue location, I only saw a couple of outlets. I’m guessing that it might be hard to get an outlet and a table during busy times, but there are also a few chairs scattered throughout the store.

Borders Bookstores
free, food, cars
Borders offers a cafe area where you can sit and surf the internet. Not sure why, but I’ve found it harder to find an open table at Borders than at the Barnes & Nobles bookstores. I’ve never been to the Chesterfield location (I tend to go to the Creve Coeur and Brentwood but assume that most of the cafes are similar). Borders typically has bright spaces where you won’t feel you are imposing if you work for a few hours. Outlets are limited and coffee will get expensive if you want a refill.

First Watch
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars
I’ve never taken my laptop into a First Watch, and I’m not sure that they would appreciate someone camping out for a few hours. First Watch is more of a diner style breakfast and lunch spot, with staff buzzing around turning over the tables as fast as they can during the busy times of day. Please note that though First Watch has unlimited free refills on coffee, I think they have some of the worst coffee in town. I think that First Watch could work if you wanted to check your email or conduct a business meeting using your Powerpoint presentation over lunch, but if you are looking for a 2nd office, I would pick another spot on the list. UPDATE: After I wrote the review above, a VP contacted me and actually looked into the coffee situation. He got back to me and said that they fixed a problem and the coffee should be better, and he send me a free coupon for 2 to try it out again. (BTW, perfect response for a company that gets a bad review!) I finally got around to it and agree the coffee IS better than it was, though I still think it is pretty boring if you are used to coffee shop java. This time I did take my computer. I met someone for a weekend business breakfast, and after we ate I set up the computer. My companion left and I stuck around for a little while to work. Though the waitress never made me feel uncomfortable, I definitely felt that it was time to pack up when the lunch rush started and people were waiting for tables. Keep in mind that the break between the breakfast and lunch rush is very short. If you are going to camp out, I suggest going for lunch or in the afternoon.

Fox and Hound Pub Grille


free, coffee, plugs, food, cars
Another of my favorites, Kaldi’s has 2 cozy Clayton locations (DeMun and by the Ritz Hotel) plus large coffee shop/cafes in Kirkwood and Chesterfield. They also have purchased Kayaks and their loyalty program can be used there, but it remains under the Kayaks name (see review under St. Louis City). Kaldi’s is also a coffee roaster, so the coffee always tastes great. The menus are limited in Clayton, as are tables and outlets, but Kirkwood and Chesterfield locations meet more of my requirements. Kirkwood has the best mix for me – independent coffeehouse atmosphere, a bar stool height area with outlets set up for every seat and a full menu. The only downside is parking, but I can always find a spot within a block and there is a parking garage behind the building (Chesterfield is the only location with easy parking). WiFi is now free for however long you stay at the Kirkwood location. You get 2 hours with a purchase at DeMun- you’ll need to ask for a WiFi code when you pay at the register. Need more time, ask for another code, or simply buy yourself a cookie and get another 2 hours (not sure about time limits at Clayton or Chesterfield).

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