There are times when you just need to get out of the house and away from the office to get anything accomplished.

If you live in the St. Louis suburb of Maplewood, or you travel through Maplewood periodically, then this list is for you.

Free WiFi is Just a Start:

I have a list of requirements for my WiFi spots before I’ll grab my laptop and head out for a work session. My favorite places have all 5 of the features below.

  • Free Wi-Fi (free)
  • Good coffee with free unlimited refills (coffee)
  • Good access to outlets (plugs)
  • Real food…not just muffins & dessert (food)
  • Easy parking (cars)

To help you decide where you want to take your computer, I am noting these features on my list below for the places that I’ve visited. I haven’t visited all of the locations personally, so they won’t all have the features rated.

If you see any free WiFi spots I’ve missed, or can give us any information about the WiFi experience on any of the places I’ve listed below, leave a comment at the end of the post. And definitely let me know if the information is wrong…a place is closed or doesn’t actually offer free WiFi.

I’ve also put together a map with the locations throughout the entire St. Louis area other than the libraries, Starbucks and the fast food chains. You can even pull up the map on your iPhone or Android phone. Simply add the map to your Google account using the ‘Add to My Maps’ link. Then pull up the map on your phone using the layers option in the Google maps app.

See complete St. Louis region free WiFi list…

Free WiFi Locations in Maplewood, MO:

Foley’s Irish Pub
Foley’s Pub in Maplewood right at the end of sutton on Marshall also has WiFi. They used to have wifi Tuesdays over the summer, where you could IM your order to the bartender.

Foundation Grounds
free, coffee, plugs, food
Another independent coffee house, I would spend a lot of time at Foundation Grounds if it was closer to home because it has such a cozy neighborhood atmosphere. The menu is limited but the food is amazing, though a little on the pricey side in my opinion. This is a small place, but each time I’ve been there I was able to snag a table. Similarly, I’ve never had to walk more than a few doors down even though it’s 100% street parking on Manchester in the busy DT strip.

Stone Spiral Coffee & Curios
free, plugs, food, cars
Off the beaten path, this coffee house feels like you are visiting at an unpretentious friend’s house. I’ve only been there in the evening without my laptop, but the owner was very friendly and the pumpkin latte I ordered was amazing. I’m guessing on the outlet accessibility since I didn’t really look that closely.

More About Maplewood, MO:

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