Restaurant Delivery to University City, MO - Arch City Homes #stlouisFozzie’s Steak Thyme salad and grilled cheese

While I do love to cook, I don’t like to cook every day. Some days I throw something together that takes 5 minutes from what’s in my pantry and fridge. Sometimes I grab carry out.

But then there are days like yesterday.

I haven’t been to the grocery in too long, and I’m out of just about everything.

Outside it was cold and gray, and I really didn’t feel like going anywhere to get dinner.

Food Delivery to University City:

In the past, delivery seemed to be limited to Chinese or pizza.

In recent years, more and more restaurants are offering delivery. I just discovered a few new options that offer delivery to my home last week including ICE CREAM!

This is not a comprehensive list of every place that delivers to U City. Below you’ll see my favorites and some places that I plan to try. If you live near University City, you should check to see if these places deliver to you too. If you live somewhere else, I suggest you search for restaurants that deliver on Yelp.

Bar Food:

Fallon’s Bar & Grill
I’ve eaten at Fallon’s a few times, but haven’t actually had it delivered yet. They serve a large menu of typical bar food plus Irish classics. I absolutely love the Smoked Salmon BLT. Wow! Lox and bacon on a sandwich together…it rocks. The sandwich also comes with some really tasty seasoned fries.

J. McGraugh’s Bar & Grill
I’ve never had delivery from J McGraugh’s, but the website says that they deliver so I’m adding it to the places to try. I did eat here a few times about 10 years ago when I used to work in Clayton, and my memory is that it was basic bar food. Not bad, but also not spectacular. Not sure that it excites me, but it’s always nice to have another delivery option.

Mike Duffy’s Bar & Grill
I love Duffy’s. They make some of the best burgers. I’m not positive if they actually deliver to U City, but since they are so close at Clayton & Big Bend, I’m guessing that they do.


Wonton King
Wonton King is my go-to Chinese place for carry out or delivery. The food is very good. They have an expansive menu and their service is really fast. My favorite dishes are Crispy Sesame Shrimp (or Scallops) and General Tso’s Chicken. I really should branch out and try some other things, but I find myself sticking with these 3 dishes over and over. 


Imo’s Pizza
You either love Imo’s or hate it. I’m one that loves it. There is something about the super thin and crispy crust with the provel cheese that I like. Imo’s does bacon on pizza better than anyone else. They give you big pieces rather than crumbles and it tastes like it just came out of a frying pan. My go-to pizza is bacon and black olives, but they also make a great Italian sausage pizza. I also usually order cheese garlic bread with my pizza. I’m not a big fan of their salads, especially from delivery. It just feels like you get a bunch of iceburg lettuce with a side of dressing. They also have some sandwiches and pasta, but none of them entice me so I’ve never tried any of them. Another big plus for Imo’s is that they offer a combo meal with individual size pizza, salad and drink, and they deliver more quickly than many of the other places near my house.

Racanelli’s New York Pizzeria
Racanelli’s is one of my favorite pizzas. They aren’t the cheapest pizza place around, but no one has pizza like it. My favorite topping there is the Italian sausage. I also really like the eggplant topping and they make fabulous cheese garlic bread. I’m also a fan of their calzones. They are pretty slow for delivery, but most nights when I’m in the mood for pizza I put up with the wait. I order a medium or large pizza, which is much more than I need, and then I freeze the extra slices. To reheat, I preheat the oven to 500 degrees, then bake on a pizza pan for about 7 minutes. It’s almost as good as the day it arrived.

Sandwiches & More:

Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium
It’s really refreshing to have a place that delivers which uses fresh, local ingredients and offers menu options that aren’t run of the mill. They offer spreads, salads, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, kid’s food, desserts, shakes and ice cream. I’ve had a few things delivered and have liked most of them. My favorites so far are the Club Med chicken sandwich and the Steak Thyme salad. I’ve had better Gyros and grilled cheese, and won’t be ordering them again. BUT, now that I know they have shakes and ice cream, I think I’ll be ordering this more often.

Snarf’s has me intrigued. I have never eaten here but the menu looks good. I like warm toasted sub sandwiches, and they have a few that will get delivered to my house at some point. They also have salads, kid’s food, shakes and ice cream. Too bad the St. Louis location doesn’t serve the breakfast sandwiches.


Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine
I ordered Blue Elephant for the first time last night. I have to admit that I’ve had better Thai and you can tell by the prices that this place is located in affluent Clayton. But I don’t know of any other Thai place that delivers to my house, so I would probably try this place again. I ordered the Cinnamon Pork (just fair) and the Yellow Curry Chicken (ok but I’ve had better).  I almost ordered the Thai Coffee ice cream too, but at $6 for 2 scoops, it’s just too pricey for me.

Ice Cream:

Last week I stopped into Oberweiss for a scoop of ice cream, and discovered that you can call and have ANYTHING they serve delivered. I will definitely be doing this sometime. Two servings of ice cream and an extra carton for the freezer would probably cover the $15 minimum charge.

If you live in or near U City and have a favorite place that delivers that isn’t on my list, please share it in the comments below.