Most real estate agents understand that they need a website to advertise their listings and win over clients.

But having a website simply isn’t enough.

If serious attention isn’t paid to creating content on the website which will attract home buyers, no one will ever see the ads. Or, buyers will find the home listing on some other website and when they click the link to schedule a showing, they will be contacted by an agent who really doesn’t care which home they buy, as long as they buy something.

Arch City Homes Internet Strategy:

At Arch City Homes, we work hard to make sure that people who are thinking about buying a home in the St. Louis area land on this website. Whether they initially find us because they are looking for safe neighborhoods, market trends or school rankings, they end up checking out our home search and featured listings.

Many of our site visitors end up bookmarking the home search page, or even registering so they can get notified of new listings and price changes.

So what is the #1 Tip for Success at Selling Homes on the Internet?

Create a website where home buyers will contact the listing agent directly for more information, and then do the work so that the site is at the top of Google’s search results when buyers start looking for homes or information.

If you hire Arch City Homes to sell your home, you can be assured that when a buyer contacts us to get more information about your home, we’ll be doing our best to sell your property.

Thanks to Tech Savvy Agent for pointing out Google’s Search Story tool.