One of the best ways to both save money and help the environment is to shop at resale stores.

By shopping resale, you are keeping usable items out of landfills.

In addition, many thrift and resale stores support valuable charities. The money you spend at charity resale and thrift stores most likely stays in your local community. The stores provide jobs to local residents and services to people in need.

You probably won’t find everything you need at a resale shop. Still, shopping resale limits what you actually need to buy new. It keeps more money in your pockets for other needs or to build up your savings for a rainy day.

Shopping resale is a win-win-win.

Help yourself. Help the community. Help the environment.

Resale Stores Sell More than Junk:

I volunteer at a resale store in St. Louis. NCJW’s The Resale Store offers much nicer merchandise than your typical thrift store while keeping prices substantially lower than consignment stores or for-profit resale stores since all of the merchandise is donated.

The store gets plenty of the things you would expect – clothing, dishes, artwork and books. But it also gets many unique items, antiques and even brand new items in the original packaging.

Here are just some of the items that have been sold in the last few months at The Resale Store. 

Shopping Resale - Arch City Homes #stlouis #ncjw #resaleshop

Antique Individual Tea Light Coffee Carafe Service

Shopping Resale - Arch City Homes #stlouis #ncjw #resaleshop

Photography Tripod

Shopping Resale - Arch City Homes #stlouis #ncjw #resaleshopAntique Chamber Pot

Shopping Resale - Arch City Homes #stlouis #ncjw #resaleshopTable Hockey Game

Shopping Resale - Arch City Homes #stlouis #ncjw #resaleshopPair of Red Barstools

Shopping Resale - Arch City Homes #stlouis #ncjw #resaleshopCynthia Steffe Green Raccoon Fur Collar Coat

What are your favorite things that you bought resale?