Which Streets Will St. Louis City Plow After It Snows? - Arch City Homes #stlouis

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Anyone who lives in St. Louis City knows that the city doesn’t plow most of the streets.

The explanation on the city website for not plowing all of the streets is:

Plowing residential streets is not feasible as the streets are too narrow, often tire ruts are already formed by traffic preventing our ability to push the snow, and the difficulty plowing presents for residents parked on the street getting plowed in.

However, St. Louis City is taking an extra step with this storm.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

St. Louis city says it will break with tradition and throw down salt and sand along side streets.

Todd Walterman, director of the St. Louis Street Department, said: “We’ve noticed over recent years with the change in the city and all these young people coming in, a new group of people that are very enthusiastic about getting out and doing things, are demanding we do more on these side streets.”

Walterman added: “So we’re going to be dropping salt, sand and calcium mix” on the side streets.

“Other than seeing a little dirt on the snow, you’re not going to see a lot of action until we get these warmer temperatures, possibly Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Which Streets Will Get Plowed?

St. Louis City has put together an interactive map that lets you see which streets will be plowed near you. Keep in mind that it will take time for them to get to all of the streets, but the streets in blue will eventually get cleared. The rest, including my street, will stay snow covered until the snow eventually melts.

Which Streets Will St. Louis City Plow After It Snows? - Arch City Homes #stlouis

If you do live on a snow route, the city recommends that you do not park on the street until the street has been fully plowed.

If you do park on a snow route, plan on digging out your car.