Updated 10/14/11
Search for St. Louis real estate on your laptopI spend a lot of time working out of coffee shops. Yes, I do have an office. And I work from home a lot. But, sometimes I find the office too distracting and home just too quiet.

On these days, I go in search of a coffee shop with free WiFi so I can get some work done in an environment with energy & activity, but one where no one knows me and will stop by my table to chat.

I have a few favorites that I tend to hit over and over, but I’m always on the lookout for new places to try.

Free WiFi is Just a Start:

I have a list of requirements for my WiFi spots before I’ll grab my laptop and head out for a work session. My favorite places have all 5 of the features below.

  • Free Wi-Fi (free)
  • Good coffee with free unlimited refills (coffee)
  • Good access to outlets (plugs)
  • Real food…not just muffins & dessert (food)
  • Easy parking (cars)

To help you decide where you want to take your computer, I am noting these features on my list below for the places that I’ve visited.

If you see any free WiFi spots I’ve missed, or can give us any information about the WiFi experience on any of the places I’ve listed below, leave a comment at the end of the post. And definitely let me know if the information is wrong…a place is closed or doesn’t actually offer free WiFi.

Find St. Louis free wifi locations on your phoneMap of St. Louis homes and condo for saleI’ve also put together a map with all of the locations other than Starbucks and the fast food chains.

The map was created through Google maps, and if you click on the ‘Add to My Maps’ option, then you can pull up the map on your cell phone or tablet by choosing the Layers/More Options on the map app (it definitely works on the Droid, Xoom, iPhone and iPad).

Free WiFi Spots in St. Louis:

This list includes restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other businesses (such as grocery stores) that offer food & drink service with dine-in seating available. This list does include a few food & drink establishments which require a purchase to access their wifi.


6 North (Downtown & Ballwin)
free, coffe, food, cars
I’ve only been to the new Ballwin location. I didn’t check the plug situation when I was there so I didn’t add that as a feature. I love the menu and the sandwich I ordered was really great.  I wasn’t working with my laptop when I was there, so I really can’t comment on the wifi other than knowing it is free. My only complaint is that the interior design felt a bit packed in and a little blah. The outside of the building is gorgeous, but they really dropped the ball inside. Still, I would go back for lunch or to work during non-meal hours if I was nearby.

Barnes & Noble Bookstores
free, food, cars
In 2009, Barnes & Noble dropped the fees for wifi, making the bookstore a great option for laptop users. They offer a limited menu and Starbucks coffee (no free refills). At the Ladue location (Ladue & 170 in the Schnucks center), I only saw a couple of outlets. I’m guessing that it might be hard to get an outlet and a table during busy times, but there are also a few chairs scattered throughout the store.

Buffalo Wild Wings

free, coffee, plugs, food
Companion has 2 3 locations – Clayton, Central West End and Ladue. I’ve never been to the Ladue location, so I can’t really comment on the seating and outlets, but I’ve driven by the parking lot out front that seems more than sufficient for the size. I wouldn’t take my laptop with me to Clayton unless it is patio weather. The interior seating is very limited and I’m guessing that there aren’t many (if any) outlets, but there are outlets in each of the 4 columns on the patio which means that about half of the tables outside are in reach.  You do have to get your coffee refills at the counter (not self-service) and the menu is limited, but everything that they serve is wonderful. My only negative is that parking for the Clayton location is typical for the area – a pain. But, if it’s a nice day, I don’t mind the short walk from my car.

Dairy Queen

First Watch
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars
I’ve never taken my laptop into a First Watch, and I’m not sure that they would appreciate someone camping out for a few hours. First Watch is more of a diner style breakfast and lunch spot, with staff buzzing around turning over the tables as fast as they can during the busy times of day. Please note that though First Watch has unlimited free refills on coffee, I think they have some of the worst coffee in town. I think that First Watch could work if you wanted to check your email or conduct a business meeting using your Powerpoint presentation over lunch, but if you are looking for a 2nd office, I would pick another spot on the list. UPDATE: After I wrote the review above, a VP contacted me and actually looked into the coffee situation. He got back to me and said that they fixed a problem and the coffee should be better, and he send me a free coupon for 2 to try it out again. (BTW, perfect response for a company that gets a bad review!) I finally got around to it and agree the coffee IS better than it was, though I still think it is pretty boring if you are used to coffee shop java. This time I did take my computer. I met someone for a weekend business breakfast, and after we ate I set up the computer. My companion left and I stuck around for a little while to work. Though the waitress never made me feel uncomfortable, I definitely felt that it was time to pack up when the lunch rush started and people were waiting for tables. Keep in mind that the break between the breakfast and lunch rush is very short. If you are going to camp out, I suggest going for lunch or in the afternoon.

free, coffee, plugs, food
Another of my favorites, Kaldi’s has 2 cozy Clayton locations (DeMun and by the Ritz Hotel) plus large coffee shop/cafes in Kirkwood and Chesterfield. They also have purchased Kayaks and their loyalty program can be used there, but it remains under the Kayaks name (see review under St. Louis City). Kaldi’s is also a coffee roaster, so the coffee always tastes great. The menus are limited in Clayton, as are tables and outlets, but Kirkwood and Chesterfield locations meet more of my requirements. Kirkwood has the best mix for me – independent coffeehouse atmosphere, a bar stool height area with outlets set up for every seat and a full menu. The only downside is parking, but I can always find a spot within a block and there is a parking garage behind the building (Chesterfield is the only location with easy parking). WiFi is now free for however long you stay at the Kirkwood location. You get 2 hours with a purchase at DeMun- you’ll need to ask for a WiFi code when you pay at the register. Need more time, ask for another code, or simply buy yourself a cookie and get another 2 hours (not sure about time limits at Clayton or Chesterfield).

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Lion’s Choice
free, food, cars
My friend Robyn told me the St. Peters location has free WiFi, and I stopped in and found free WiFi signs at both Des Peres and Creve Coeur. It seems that all of the company owned locations do have free wifi, but I’m not sure if the franchise locations all have it too or if they decide for themselves. Like other fast food places, I’m not sure that they really have the internet surfing atmosphere that I’m looking for if I’m going to camp out for hours. Still, Lion’s Choice is a good option if you need to hop onto WiFi over lunch or need a place to hold an informal meeting.

Llywelyn’s Pub

McAlister’s Deli
free, food, cars
I’ve only taken my laptop into the Creve Coeur location, but I’m guessing that the experience would be pretty similar across their locations. I didn’t see many outlets, but easily grabbed a table where I could plug in. In comparison to First Watch where I felt I was taking up a table while people waited to be seated and my camping out at a table would have meant fewer tips for my waitress, the abundant seating and self-service ordering style made me feel quite comfortable at McAlister’s. The waitress assigned to keep my drink filled was friendly and let me know that she would leave me alone and I should just catch her attention if I needed anything. I would definitely feel comfortable spending an afternoon with my computer here.


Nadoz Cafe
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars
The Richmond Heights location at The Boulevard (across Brentwood from the Galleria) is has everything I’m looking for in a coffee shops/cafes. The staff is friendly, the food is great, and I never have trouble finding an outlet…unless I show up right at lunchtime. They also serve wine and beer and have a St. Louis City mid-town location at the SLU campus (parking not so easy at this location).

Northwest Coffee Roasting Company
free, plugs
Since Northwest Coffee doesn’t have food other than some granola bars, baked goods and steamed eggs, and the coffee doesn’t come with free refills, I don’t tend to spend as much time at this coffee house. However, the small corner coffeehouse atmosphere and easy access to outlets makes it a good stop for me in mid-afternoon or early evening. (Note: I’ve only been to the Clayton location)

Pasta House and Pasta House Pronto!
free, food, cars
I’ve only seen a sign for free WiFi at the University City location and the Kirkwood Pronto! location, but I’m assuming that if one location has it, they all do. With 15 local restaurants (plus restaurants in Union and Farmington) and Pronto! sites in Kirkwood & Brentwood, there is likely a Pasta House near you. The Kirkwood Pronto! site is a small place with a limited number of tables and parking spots, but neither has ever been completely full on any of my visits. I’ve only tried to work with my laptop there once, so I’m not sure if the unbelievably slow wifi network was a fluke or typical. I’m not sure that I would plan to hang out for a few hours at one of the regular Pasta House locations, but since they advertise the free WiFi, I’m guessing that there are people that do fire them up. It probably depends on the location as to how many people really do use the WiFi.

Ruby Tuesday
free, food, cars
Robyn said that this location of Ruby Tuesday has free WiFi too. I have no idea if all of the locations have wifi or if each franchise location decides for themselves. If anyone has more information, please let me know.

St. Louis Bread Company (aka Panera Bread)
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars
With multiple locations all over town, Bread Co is the easiest choice for free WiFi. Every cafe has quite a few outlets plus enough seating that you can usually get a table near them. The only drawback – there is a 30 minute time limit on free WiFi from 11:30-2:00 pm. Given how busy they get at lunchtime, I can understand why they made this choice. Still, it has encouraged me to branch out and discover options where I can work for as long as I want. My favorite locations are UCity Loop, Creve Coeur and Brentwood.

Smoothie King

free, food
According to their website, Starbucks is now offering free unlimited WiFi at all of their company owned stores in the United States. I’m guessing the outlet access and parking varies greatly, so you’ll have to check out each location individually. I have taken a computer into a Starbucks once or twice now, and if you don’t mind limited food and paying for coffee refills, it is probably a good place to spend a few hours online.

free, coffee, plugs, food
Located on the street leading to the Ritz Carlton, parking can be a pain at the Clayton location. There is a paid parking garage and Stratton’s will valid your parking ticket for a few hours, but you’ll still will have a good walk from your car. It’s very easy to get a booth with an outlet, but the atmosphere feels more like a lunch spot than a place where people hang out. The Webster Groves location on Lockwood has easier parking and a cozier atmosphere, but it is smaller and gets pretty mobbed during breakfast and lunch time. Stratton’s has a full breakfast and lunch menu available all day at both locations with very reasonable prices. They serve Kaldi’s coffee with unlimited self-serve refills.
Reader Comments:
Sam Volz – Stratton’s in Webster has a decent parking area behind the building. I don’t think there are many outlets, I could be wrong though.
Lori – Strattons Webster – (park in back). Great hangout. Have spent hours there. there is plug access in a booth and at the tall tables by the windows.

Whole Foods
free, plugs, food, cars
Both locations (Brentwood and Town & Country) offer tons of seating in the cafe, including plenty of counter seating with access to outlets (Town & Country location). Food…you have an entire grocery store filled with pre-made options, and a microwave in the cafe in case you want to heat something up. Parking is probably better than any other WiFi spot in the city. The only negative is that they don’t have that small cozy coffee shop feel or free coffee refills.


The Wolf Public House (formerly Lone Wolf Coffee Company)
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars

I really love this place. It has a warm neighborhood feel with good food, free refills and is big enough that I’ve never had a problem finding a table. Located at the intersection of Clayton & Kehrs Mill Roads, Lone Wolf is a welcome change in a mostly residential area that doesn’t offer many options for independent casual dining. They also have a large room that would be perfect for groups during the day, and by night offers live music with beer and wine service too.
Reader Comments:
Alex Miller – meets all of your requirements
See full review…


Fox and Hound Pub Grille


Krueger’s Bar
free, food, cars
Located a couple of doors down from a place I get take-out often (Crazy Bowls), I’ve walked by Krueger’s a million times. I finally decided to give their food a try once. Figuring that bars are often best at classic bar food, I ordered a carry out burger and fries. I hate to give out bad reviews, but I won’t be ordering one again. The interior was classic corner bar and was really smokey, but that was before Clayton went smoke-free, so it is probably a lot better now. I have no idea if they have easy access to outlets or how often someone really fires up a laptop, but they do have a sign that states free WiFi. If you try it out, share your experiences here.


Sammy Scott’s


Daily Bread
free, food, cars
Another spot that offers free WiFi but you rarely see anyone inside with a computer. Local residents flock here for lunch, so grab a table quickly before they fill up.


Corner Coffee House
free, food, cars
The coffee house is a point of pride for the locals living in Ferguson, and offers a small town homey atmosphere. The food was very good and there was plenty of space to grab a table. I was there for a business meeting and didn’t break out my laptop, so I’m not sure about the access of outlets. They do have a couple of computers for anyone to use, and both were in use the entire time I was there. My only complaints are that it was a bit smokey for me (my visit was before the smoking ban was enacted) and coffee didn’t come with refills. I expect to pay for refills at a place like Starbucks, but not for simple brewed coffee at a regular cafe.


Foley’s Irish Pub
Reader Comments:
Sam Volz – Foley’s Pub in Maplewood right at the end of sutton on Marshall also has WiFi. They used to have wifi Tuesdays over the summer, where you could IM your order to the bartender.

Foundation Grounds
free, coffee,  food
Another independent coffee house, I would spend a lot of time at Foundation Grounds if it was closer to home because it has such a cozy neighborhood atmosphere. The menu is limited but the food is amazing, though a little on the pricey side in my opinion. This is a small place, but each time I’ve been there I was able to snag a table. Similarly, I’ve never had to walk more than a few doors down even though it’s 100% street parking on Manchester in the busy DT strip. UPDATE: Foundation Grounds used to have my favorite setup for hanging out and working. No more. They have replaced all of their outlets with blank cover plates so there is no way to recharge your computer and they now give you a code that gets you just 60 minutes of free wifi with a purchase. I bought a cookie and got a 2nd hour, and they probably would have given it to me for free since it was the middle of the afternoon, but shortly after my computer battery was kaput so the time limit isn’t really necessary as it takes care of itself. I’ll still go there on occasion. Maybe.

Stone Spiral Coffee & Curios
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars
Off the beaten path, this coffee house feels like you are visiting at an unpretentious friend’s house. I’ve been here a a few times now, and I prefer it over Foundation Grounds for a place to work. The tables are well spread out and you never have trouble finding an open table or an outlet. While it’s all street parking, Stone Spiral is on a residential corner with no other businesses, so parking is a piece of cake. Their food and coffee is great, and the staff is really nice.


Cappuccino’s Coffee Cafe


Fallon’s Bar & Grill
free, food, cars
I’ve never taken a laptop into Fallon’s but did see someone working on a netbook at the bar the last time I was there. Fallon’s is a restaurant with an indoor dining room, bar and outside patio area. No idea where you can hook up to an outlet or if they offer free coffee refills, but I’m pretty sure you can get a soda with refills. Or maybe you’ll decide to go for a beer as you surf the net.

Land of Smile
free, food, cars, plugs
This independently owned Thai restaurant doesn’t advertise their free WiFi, but the owner told me that they are happy to give customers a password and they can stay as long as they like. I’m not sure how busy they get at lunchtime, but evenings are pretty deserted. I think they do more carry out than dine in service (at least in the evening), so am sure they would happily have you hang out and web surf as long as you bought something.




free, food, cars
I didn’t take my laptop when I visited Beatniks and I didn’t see anyone else on the internet, but I was there on a Saturday night for dinner. I didn’t scope out the place for outlets since I only noticed the free wifi sign on my way out. See my full review on Yelp

Crooked Tree Coffee House
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars
I really like the small town cozy feel in this coffee house and cafe. It feels like a neighborhood gathering place with a tables up front (cafe feel) and a few tables tucked away in the back (library reading room feel) separated by a couch and a couple of swivel leather chairs (your friend’s living room feel). Coffee is self-serve and advertises a bottomless cup. The menu is huge and covers breakfast and lunch. See full review, videos and pictures…

Locos Grill & Pub

Picasso’s Coffee
Reader Comments:
ElizabethL – Picasso’s Coffee on historic main street in st. charles. It’s got live bands on the weekends, free WiFi, outdoor seating, beer, martinis, paninis, pastries, and amazing coffee!

Reader Comments:
Robyn – the new Qdoba in St. Charles by Bass Pro at 70 & 5th has free wifi. The others I go to (Creve Coeur, St. Peters, and O’Fallon) do NOT have free wifi, was excited that the new one does.


Downtown St. Louis Hot Zone (42-square-block area bounded by Broadway, Market Street, Tucker Boulevard & Washington Avenue)
I can’t find any information on this, so if a reader knows if it still exists or who can log on, I’d love to hear about it it in the comments.

2Schae Cafe (Central West End)
free, food, coffee
Reader Comments:
Brian Johnson – Real food, good coffee with refills and Free Wifi!

Anthonino’s Taverna on the Hill (The Hill)
free, food, cars

Atomic Cowboy (The Grove)
free, food
Located in the newly fashionable The Grove area, parking is hit or miss but isn’t too tough to manage. I’ve never used their WiFi, but have been to Atomic Cowboy for a happy hour. If you are looking for a bar atmosphere where you can check your email and get some food, Atomic Cowboy might be perfect for you.

Bar Italia (Central West End)

Cafe Ventana (Mid-Town)
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars

Coffee Cartel (Central West End)
free, food
Coffee Cartel is a favorite spot for many in the CWE, but I haven’t had as much success there. The one time I went with my laptop, the internet service was spotty and the staff was pretty rude when I asked them about it. But, their late night hours (open 24 hours) is a plus for many. Parking is the normal CWE parking – plan on walking a block or two.

Coffee Oasis (Central West End)

Culture Cafe (Delmar just east of Skinker)
free, plugs, food
I was excited to see another option for free WiFi in the Loop, but left really disappointed after my visit to the Culture Cafe. After feeding my meter for 2 hours, I discovered that the WiFi wasn’t working and no one there seemed to have a clue about how to get it going. They did lead me to their router and let me reboot it (to no avail). The menu was overpriced and portions were very small, and even though I gave my order directly to the cook and told her twice I didn’t want my shrimp & curry rice spicy, she still sprinkled something across the shrimp that made it almost too hot for me to eat. When I asked if they had coffee, the response was ‘we can put it on’. And they don’t have an ice machine, so I ended up with a $1.50 Diet Coke out of the can. The staff could use some lessons in customer service, especially since I was the only diner there when I stopped in. As much as I hate to say it, if you are looking for a place to camp out with your computer, I would keep looking.

Hartford Coffee Company (Tower Grove South)
free, plugs, food, cars
Located smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood, this place was packed when I stopped by one snowy Saturday afternoon. The place was filled with laptop and book bearing customers, and strip cords were abundant so that anyone needing to plug in could find a way to do it. There is even a small divider that separates the front portion packed in with tables from a seating area perfect for people with kids (soft seating and some toys). The menu looked great and they roast their own coffee. Typical for city establishments on residential streets, they don’t have a parking lot. Still, every table but one was taken when I arrived and I was able to park on the street directly in front of the building.

Kayak’s (Skinker & Forest Park Parkway)
free, coffee, plugs, food
Located on the edge of the Washington University campus and only a few feet from University City and Forest Park, Kayaks is usually packed with college students and a few professors. Though I enjoy it anytime, I especially like going to Kayak’s when the University is on break and the students clear out, so I can have some choices in where I will sit. Still, I find the atmosphere energizing and love the extensive menu. I didn’t give them credit for easy parking since the lot behind the building has 24 hour meters…and in St. Louis most of us expect free parking unless we are in downtown St. Louis or downtown Clayton. There are a few spots out front without meters, but it’s rare to find one open. However, the Metro train stop is directly outside of their door so if you prefer light rail transportation, this is probably the best option in town. Now owned by Kaldi’s, the hours and menu have been extended making it even more of a favorite.

Local Harvest Cafe (Tower Grove South)
free, coffee, food, cars
Located in the budding new business district on Morgan Ford just south of Tower Grove Park, Local Harvest is a new favorite. The extensive menu made from local food products looked so good that it was a challenge to decide what to eat. The menu serves up plenty of options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans too. The tasty coffee is self-serve, which I like so I don’t feel guilty about getting tons of refills. I stopped in about noon on a Saturday, and the place quickly filled up with every table filled. I saw a half dozen people either turn around and leave due to a lack of tables or took their food as carry out when they couldn’t sit down. The woman at the register said this was typical at lunchtime on Saturdays. If you plan to bring your computer and camp out, I would try to avoid the lunch rush or at least make sure you spend some money on food to justify using a table while potential paying customers are walking out. I did grab a table by an outlet, but it looked like there were only a couple of options to plug in.
Reader comments:
Lori – Great food, coffee and decent plug access. Busy during lunch/dinner. They don’t mind if you stay during off hours. I leave out of courtesy during rush times or buy a full meal.

Mangia Italiano (South Grand)
The website link now longer works. Not sure if this place is still open or not.
Reader Comments:
Bridget – Mangia Italiano in South City has its own proprietary blend from Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters, almost every table has a plug nearby, and there’s an entire parking lot across the street. Plus you can eat the best pasta in St. Louis!

The Mud House (Benton Park)
free, coffee, plugs, food
Reader comments:
Lana Azar – Great spot.

Murdoch Perk (South City)
free, plugs, cars

Shangri La Diner (Benton Park) CLOSED
I didn’t bring my computer with me when I visited Shangri La, but I wasn’t nearly as impressed as I expected to be. The atmosphere is very 12 year old girl’s bedroom/retro…lots of bright pinks & orange decor and dangley things around. If you aren’t a vegan, you may have some trouble finding items on the menu that appeal to you. I ended up with a quesadilla and sweet potato fries, but both were quite greasy. I will say the staff was very friendly and helpful, and they did have an amazing banana cake.
Reader comments:
Lori – Fabulous healthy food in a cool retro environment. Small, personal service. Easy parking. Plug access. Vegetarian and vegan available. Limited hours, however.

Shaw’s Coffee LTD (Shaw)

The Vine (South Grand)
free, food
Reader comments:
Lana Azar – Not sure about coffee or plugs, but the best hummus in town!

World Cafe (South City)
free, coffee, food, cars
I’ve not been here, but my twitter friend Jeff said he loves the place and they have great coffee. Apparently it is a very kid friendly place, and he suggests avoiding weekend mornings and the kid’s music day (he thinks it is the 2nd Wed of the month) if you are looking for a quiet atmosphere. I’m giving it credit for easy parking since I know the area and usually street parking is easy for businesses at the intersections of city residential streets. No idea on outlet access.


Wired Coffee
free, coffee, plugs, food, cars
I was less than impressed with the food at this coffee shop (I asked for some mayo in my wrap and they tossed the lettuce in mayo like it was salad dressing – yuck!). But, otherwise it is a good pick for a coffee house were you could spend some time with your laptop. They even have a small meeting room that you can use for your group.


Market Pub House
free, food
Located in the heart of the UCity Loop, Market Pub House has a great pub atmosphere with an expansive menu perfect for budget priced diners. I’ve never taken my computer here, so not sure how easy it is to connect to an outlet or if you will feel out of place with a computer. Like the rest of the Loop, parking is available at meters or in one of the public lots, and walking a bit may be required.

Meshuggah Cafe
free, plugs, food
Another of my favorite coffee shops, Meshuggah has a post college hand-me-down furniture feel to it. There is pretty much seating with a small upstairs area which includes a couple of couches. The menu is somewhat limited, but the food is good and freshly made. My favorite is their pesto and fresh mozzarella covered bagel. They also serve beer and wine and are open late. My only gripe is that the espresso style coffee is too strong for me and doesn’t include free refills. Extension cords snake the floor and every table is typically filled late into the night with students, professors and an assortment of other laptop bearing customers. Located in the Loop, you’ll have to look for a parking spot on the street. I find I can usually get a spot that is pretty convenient, but it really depends on the time of day you stop by.


B & B Wildwood Theatre 10 with Marquee Suites
Reader Comments:
Jane – exterior lounge has free wifi and a full menu

Indigo Joe’s

Papi’s Pizza, Subs and Ice Cream
Reader Comments:
Scott Chervitz – free, plugs, food, cars

Wildwood Pub

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