If you have every bought a home, you know that home sale marketing varies dramatically depending on the agent representing the seller.

The best marketing looks professional and shows off the home in the best possible light. On the other end of the spectrum, you may find terrible MLS photos, homes that haven’t been decluttered or cleaned, and nothing but an MLS printout sitting next to the agent sign-in sheet.

Real Estate Marketing Done Better | Karen Goodman

All of my listings get a cohesive professional marketing package. Buyers and agents who walk into my listings know that the seller hired a professional to sell their home. It makes a difference in how the home presents during showings and how your buyer treats your actions once you are under contract.

My special feature cards scattered throughout every listing don’t insult buyers by pointing out the obvious. Instead, they give buyers information they wouldn’t know just from looking around.

You might find me sharing that the flooring is Brazilian Cherry with lifetime warranty. I also like to explain why something is important rather than just naming the facts. Many of my listings have special feature cards to share things like Brand new windows will lower your energy bills or Gas fireplace means you can have a fire even if you are only home for an hour. 

If you are ready to sell your St. Louis home, the agent you choose really makes a difference.