Crowd of people

Some people may wonder why I spend time putting together a map of bars that still allow smoking or coffee houses that offer free WiFi. After all, isn’t this a real estate website.

The reason is really very simple.

People hire us to sell their St. Louis homes. In order to do that, we need to get information about their homes in front of as many people as possible.

If we are going to stay in business, we also need to have people hire us to sell their homes or help them buy a new home.

This website is designed to promote all of our homes for sale (see the Featured Listings tab). It also has the best St. Louis home search available, offers information about our team and reviews from our clients.

I realize that the vast majority of people who land on this website to find out where they can go and enjoy a cigarette with their beer have no interest in looking at homes for sale or hiring an agent.

But some of those cigarette smoking bar-goers actually do need a real estate agent or are looking for a house. When they realize they are on a real estate site, some of them will start exploring the site.

It’s a numbers game. We need to get as many eyeballs as possible looking at our listings and our real estate services.

How many people really see these St. Louis community lists?

Will these visitors buy one of our listings or hire us?

Some of them actually will. A while ago I received a call from a man who had been relying on our Free Summer Concert list to plan his summer outings. He bookmarked the site and came back time and time again. Eventually he explored the site and contacted me when he was ready to buy a home.

I’m thrilled that the smoke-free ban was passed. But my job is to sell homes and get people to hire us. Putting together a list of bars where smokers can still smoke can help make that happen.

If you hired me to sell your home, don’t be mistaken into thinking that I’m playing around and not focusing on marketing your house. Everything I do on this website is about selling homes.

I’m just thinking outside of the box.