In the last couple of weeks, I could have recorded this video every day. And while I’ve been getting wet showing homes lately, I’d rather get wet now then get a call from my client weeks after closing to hear that the basement got wet the first time it rained.

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What can you do if the basement is wet?

Sometimes there is an easy fix to water issues. Keeping the gutters clean is the first thing you can do to prevent water in the basement.

Another culprit that causes water to leak into basements is grading issues. If you see water pooling near the foundation when it rains, you need to modify the grading so the water drains away

VIDEO TIP: Searching for Homes in the Rain | Arch City Homes

Don’t let water puddle like this around your house. Taken on the way to show properties in March 2018.

But if gutters are clean and the grading is directing water away from the house, you might need to add a drain tile system with sump pump around the perimeter of the basement. A drain tile system with sump pit will funnel the water into the sump pit instead of letting it run across the basement floor. Then the sump pump will pump the water out and dump it into the yard via a PVC pipe.

If you aren’t willing to install an expensive drain tile system in the basement, shopping for homes in the rain is one way to avoid buying the wrong house.

Are You Thinking About Moving?

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