Karen understands what buyers, sellers and homeowners need to know.  Selling homes since 2002, Karen has answered many of the same questions over and over. She’s happy to discuss these issues one on one with her clients and anyone who asks.  Whether you are just looking for good advice or you are trying to decide if hiring Karen is the right fit for you, these videos should help.  

BUYER TIP: Must Know Info for Condo Buyers [1:51]

SELLER TIP: Curb Appeal [1:58]

VIDEO TIP: Do All Home Buyers Really Want the Same Thing? [1:49]

BUYER TIP: Why Every Home for Sale Needs a REAL Video [1:44]

BUYER TIP: The Practical Way to Get a Tiny House in St. Louis [2:38]

SELLER TIP: When Should Home Sellers Get Municipal Inspections? [1:14]

Quantity vs Full Service…Choosing a Real Estate Agent [2:19]

SELLER TIP: It’s Fall and I Haven’t Sold…Keep Trying or Start Over Next Spring? [3:35]

When Spring Should Home Buyers and Sellers Get Started? [3:10]

BUYER TIP: Househunting in the Rain [1:15]

SELLER TIP: Do You Really Need to Drop Your Home Price? [3:16]

BUYER TIP: Can Home Buyers Skip Inspections if the City Requires a Municipal Inspection? [1:30]

BUYER TIP: How GREAT Agents Ask for Repairs from Home Sale Inspections [2:11]

Is the Basement Wet? [2:34]

Don’t Be Late to the Spring Market [5:25]

Guide to Choosing Granite for your Home [1:35]