Crooked Tree Coffee House tweetup - by nanna_j (flickr)Yesterday I discovered a new favorite coffee house.

If you’ve seen my post listing free WiFi options in St. Louis, you’ll see that I have 5 criterion to qualify a WiFi spot as a favorite:

  • Free Wi-Fi (free)
  • Good coffee with free unlimited refills (coffee)
  • Good access to outlets (plugs)
  • Real food…not just muffins & dessert (food)
  • Easy parking (cars)

What I didn’t mention in that post was that atmosphere matters to me too. If a coffee house has an independent, cozy or small town feel, I’ll give them a break if they don’t meet all my other criteria.

Crooked Tree Coffee House:

The Crooked Tree Coffee House in historic St. Charles, MO gives me everything I want. The only drawback I see is parking. They actually have a number of parking options described on their website in addition to their small lot, but the casual visitor that drives by and wants to check it out might have a hard time getting a spot, especially if you come right at noon on a Saturday like we did.

Otherwise, this place is fabulous. If it was closer to my house, I could see this coffee house becoming my regular Saturday morning outing.

Videos & Pictures:

I took some pictures of my twitter friends who joined me for an impromptu lunch and of the interior of the coffee house to give you a feel for the atmosphere. But since nothing is better than video at capturing the essence of a place, I did a little taping too.

I also got the idea that kids might have a very different perspective if they were to review a restaurant. So I turned the camera on my friend Dave’s daughter Rhyen (with his full permission!) to get the 8 year old perspective on the coffee house.

Rhyen was willing to be interviewed, but really lit up when I agreed to let her take some video herself. She first shot some video of Becky’s son Quentin and me playing tic tac toe, and then she took on the challenge of interviewing a squirmy 6 year old. She definitely has a future behind the camera!