Guest post by Ryan Borland


Water is one of the worlds most import elements.

The human body can only survive 3 days without it.

Water plays an intricate role in our environment and economy.   Whether it’s helping farmers grow crops, spinning generators at a hydro electric station or aiding in the circle of life.

But for the great qualities water possesses, it can also be a menacing peril.

Water Damage in Homes:

Every year water damage is responsible for over half of all paid insurance claims.

flooded-houseThere are numerous ways water can damage property. Floods can wash homes away, storms allow water to seep in through your roof or cause overflowing sewers. Faulty or old plumbing can also cause extensive water damage.

The effects from water damage can linger for years causing immense monetary repercussions.   Over the years we have learned that we cannot control Mother Nature, however, there are ways to protect one of your largest assets, your home, against water damage.

Insurance Riders Can Protect Your Cash:

Water back-ups and sewer overflows are very common occurrences in the St. Louis area and most home owner’s policies do not provide standard coverage.   Aside from flood insurance (which by the way is still not available), you can protect your home against water damage to your home by adding a rider to your policy.

For approximately $50 annually, most carriers will provide a rider to your policy which can protect your Midwest home.

I write this from personal experience.

When the storms from Hurricane Ike blew through St. Louis, the sewer systems were not able to handle the amount of rainfall that we received.  Even though I had a sump pump, my lower level sustained major damage.

The insurance company reimbursed me for the clean-up and new carpet for the lower level.   I was fortunate to have this rider on my home owner’s insurance.  I hope you will strongly consider adding a water back-up and sewer overflow rider to your policy.

Ryan Borland is an insurance broker with Guardian Insurance Group. Contact Ryan to discuss your Auto, Home, Life or Commercial insurance needs.