I just sent out marketing reports to all of our seller clients. The goal is to show them that the marketing we are doing IS getting seen by people.

So many real estate agents tell their clients all about the great things that they will do in the name of marketing, but I doubt most of them even know how to find out if the marketing is getting viewed.

Having a home featured on a website doesn’t matter at all if no one visits the website.

Buyers preview homes on the internet. If they don’t follow up by scheduling an appointment to see the home, they are sending a message that the price isn’t right. They are saying they think that can do better for the money.

So often we hear sellers say they’ll consider dropping the price AFTER some people come see it and say they don’t like it.

Guess what…tons of hits on the internet without showings is the same as having all of those people say “it’s not good enough”. 

Here’s the report from our listing that has been on the market the longest. After critically evaluating what has been selling and the price drops that our competition has made, we did get the seller to adjust the price to an aggressive price which should get it sold. Showings (and interest) has picked up dramatically in the last few weeks and we are confident it won’t be long now before we have a contract.

Marketing Report - 920 Guelbreth Ln, St. LouisIn comparison, the report below is for a home that got a contract quickly. Unfortunately, the buyer ended up terminating the contract. Less than a week later, we received another contract offer and hope to have it accepted in the next 24 hours.

As you can see, if a home is priced right for what it offers, it doesn’t take a huge number of online visits to the marketing to get a home sold.

Marketing Report - 7644 Forest View (St. Louis)

If you have your home on the market and are surprised that it hasn’t sold yet, ask your agent for their marketing statistics. If they don’t know how to find these numbers, then maybe they don’t really know how to market homes on the internet either.