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Old North St. Louis:

Crown Candy

A few weeks ago I signed up to take a tour of the Old North St. Louis neighborhood. I’ve been hearing about the neighborhood known best for Crown Candy for years, but never before had taken the drive to visit.

I had heard that there were a few nice blocks where the neighborhood was being revitalized, surrounded by run down North City neighborhoods.

I was completely surprised by what I found.

The heart of Old North St. Louis looks brand new, while still capturing the spirit of a small town from 5 decades ago. I felt completely safe as I walked with the large tour, and later when 3 other women joined me after lunch and we walked over the St. Louis Place to see the homes once occupied by the wealthiest residents.

Crown Candy treats

Old fashioned candies at Crown Candy

La Mancha Coffeehouse

La Mancha Coffeehouse is a family owned community gathering place

North City Farmer's Market

North City Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is open Saturday mornings in the middle of 14th Street, directly across the street from Crown Candy. They don’t have a large selection, but everything looked like it really came from a local farm rather than produce row which supplies the local grocery stores.

North City Farmer's Market vendor

The Market clearly is a gathering spot for neighbors on Saturday mornings

Old North park water fountain

Family cooling off at St. Louis Place Park

Old North historic homes

Old North restored homes

If you didn’t know where you were, you would think you were walking down a Lafayette Square street. The homes are of the same era and the ones that have been restored look just as beautiful.

Old North Revitalize sign

Old North Revitalize signs were everywhere

Old North buiding under construction

A local building owner rebuilding his roof

Old North Jackson Park playground

Old North Jackson Park playground

Everywhere you looked, you noticed the juxtaposition of new construction and decay. Two local teens spent their Saturday morning swinging and talking, while just a few feet away stands a building that has been abandoned. I wonder if it makes them feel abandoned too.



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