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Westport Plaza:

I spent a lot of time at Westport Plaza when I was growing up. Summer days I would hop on my bike from my Creve Coeur home so I could hit the video arcade or explore Aunt Heidi’s novelty store. I rode the glass elevator to the top of the gold office building and took walks around the lake.

In my post-college years, I returned to Westport for the free happy hour food at Ozzie’s, comedy shows at the Funny Bone and late night dancing at America’s Pub.

All of these businesses are now long gone, but Westport Plaza continues to thrive with new restaurants and businesses.

I popped into Westport this week to grab some shots for the marketing of my newest listings. Here are my favorites. Click on the images to get a bigger image.

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Westport Plaza is located in Maryland Heights, a West County suburb and offers many affordable housing options.

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