Last week when I stepped outside to head to work, I discovered melting snow and ice. I realized that I had failed to follow the advice I give to clients all the time.

Clean your gutters, or you might end up with water in your basement.

Watch the video above to see how a serious problem can be caused by debris filled gutters.

If you do have water in your basement when it rains, the first thing you should check is if your gutters need cleaning.

Then check the grade of the soil at the spot in the foundation where the water comes in. Make sure that it slopes slightly way from the house. If the slope is either flat or slopes toward the house, and you get a puddle next to the foundation when it rains, water can find a way in the basement. Before you hire an expensive contractor, try adding some soil and changing the slope so water is directed away. You may also need to add extended piping to your gutter downspouts so water doesn’t pool at the edge of the house.

If none of these easy modifications fix the problem, it’s time to call a foundation specialist. If you want a suggestion for someone who can help you in the St. Louis area, simply contact me and give me as many details as you can so I can connect you to the right resource.