This year, you are going to see more video from me.

Starting today.

Yesterday, I recorded a quick tip video while I was in the car on my way to meet some home buyers. I explain the best way to make sure you don’t buy a home with a wet basement or drainage issues in the yard.

And yes I know the audio and video have a disconnect in the last few seconds of this video. I happened when I flipped my iPhone camera so you could see what I was seeing and then flipped it back. Hopefully Facebook Live will fix this glitch. If not, then I guess I’ll have to find another way to record my videos or just stick with me talking. 

Click on the ACH TV button in the menu to see all of my video tips and interviews. 

I’ll be making more of these quick tip videos, along with my interviews of local residents about where they live. I’ll be posting all of these videos here on Arch City Homes, plus on my YouTube channel and some of them will end up my social channels.

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