Buying a condo is different than buying a single family home, and you need an experienced condo Realtor© to help you if you are buying a condo. Someone who knows what to ask and how to write a condo contract.

I’m one of those agents who knows what I’m doing when it comes to condos.

I’ve been licensed for 17 years and have sold 47 condos for sellers and another 28 with buyers. And those haven’t all been in the same complex (meaning I only know how one or two condo communities do things!). I’ve sold homes in 58 different condo communities.

Some of these ‘condos’ may have actually been villas. The biggest different from an owners’ perspective is that if it is a condo, the HOA owns all of the land and the unit owner is assigned a particular unit. If it is a villa, each owner actually owns their land and their part of the building, but there are still HOA indentures which cover maintenance for shared elements or things that would impact visual uniformity. Both have rules and monthly fees. 

In the video below, I share a few things that you need to know before you buy (or sell) a condo. Or you pick an agent to help you with the process.

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What’s in the Video:

While there are other things you need to address when you buy (or sell) a condo, it’s important to pay attention to the indentures and rules.

  • What is covered by the condo indentures?
  • When should you get a copy of the indentures and HOA rules?
  • What type of rules do condo associations make regarding pets?
  • What type of rules to condo associations make regarding swimming pool usage?
  • Yes, I lived in a condo!

There are other things you need to know if you are buying a condo. Call me if you need an agent to help you buy or sell a condo.

And stick around for more of my videos!

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