Or does the company even matter?

Buyers and sellers don’t seem to think so.

4 out of 5 home buyers and sellers don’t care about the name of the brokerage on their agent’s business card.

Keller Williams Realty is currently the #2 company in North America based on sales volume and has won the J.D. Powers “Highest Overall Satisfaction For Home Buyers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms, Three Years in a Row”.

But none of that matters if you pick a well known company and don’t get a good agent.

I’m proud to be at a company that values education, sharing ideas and expects their agents to walk away from a transaction that compromises their ethics. I’m also proud that the company recognizes that the agents are the reason the company succeeds rather than trying to convince everyone that it is the brand that sells homes.

But don’t hire us just because we are with Keller Williams.

Hire us because we offer great service, marketing, communication and will help you accomplish your goals. We get homes sold and buyers into the home of their dreams. Isn’t that all that really matters?