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Brentwood includes a mix of single family homes, condos and rentals apartments. The majority of condos are located in Brentwood Forest Condominiums, which includes a mix of owner occupied and rental units. Most single family homes were built in 1920 – 1960s. The homes tend to be traditional brick homes, many are small post-war 2 bedrooms homes, while others have smaller 2 story floor plans. Very few homes have been built in Brentwood in the last 20 years, resulting in higher prices for the few newer homes or rehabbed homes which offer modern floor plan features.

Census figures from 2000 list 77% of the residents as living in owner occupied properties. The large number of condos in Brentwood contributes to the high number of households with single individuals living alone (47%). Another 21% of households include children under the age of 18.

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Brentwood is an older inner ring suburb located in the heart of St. Louis County. The entire community is served by the Brentwood School District.

School busesBrentwood School District is one of the smallest districts in the region and has above average state test scores along with small class sizes. It has one high school, one middle school and 2 elementary schools.

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