Yesterday one of my twitter friends, Robyn (@RobynsWorld), and I chatted a bit about her desire for a white Christmas, and my desire to avoid a foot of snow so I could make it out to my family gathering across town.





Given that it rained ALL day yesterday, I’m glad that the temperatures stayed in the 40s so the buckets coming down were rain rather than snow. I look forward to visiting with my aunt & uncle and cousins every year for Christmas eve, and I would hate to have snow keep us apart.

But I was thrilled to wake up this Christmas morning and discover that Robyn got her wish. The quick video below was taken from my front door in University City (an older inner ring suburb in St. Louis).

My favorite kind of snow…pretty enough to put a smile on your face, but not so insane that St. Louis residents feel the need to rush to the grocery store to stock up on milk and bread (a tradition I’ve never quite understood given that even the worst snow only causes problems driving for a day at most).

Merry Christmas Robyn & to all my Arch City Homes friends.

Video shot using a Flip Video Camera