Whether you are moving to St. Louis or you are moving across town, buyers need to know if there are undesirable things located near a home they are considering buying.

Rather than simply relying on your agent to tell you if there is a prison, landfill or railroad crossing nearby, there is a new tool available for Android phone users so buyers can educate themselves.

Suburb Scout will let you know if a St. Louis home is located near:

  • Airports
  • Landfills
  • Power plants
  • Prisons
  • Railroad crossings
  • Sewage plants

Suburb Scout can pull up your current location by GPS, or you can enter a specific address or town name. You can even save addresses for each of the homes you are considering purchasing so you can compare them as you make your decision.

If I was looking for a home in a neighborhood or city that I didn’t know really well, I would start by searching on the town name and seeing if there was anything I needed to know about before investing a lot of time searching in an area.

Suburb Scout would have come in handy if it was available a few years ago when I showed some buyers a unique home on the quiet cul de sac street of Elm Crossing in Ballwin, located near Sulpher Springs and Vance. My buyers really liked the house and the wooded surroundings until I told them about the landfill that was just beyond the trees. To address their concern, we stopped some neighbors who were outside to ask them about the impact of the landfill. They said that it was generally fine, but when it got really hot in the summer you could sometimes get an offensive smell. The odor combined with the knowledge that there would be lots of trash truck traffic just outside their peaceful oasis in the woods was enough to make the buyers to cross this house of their list.

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Sorry, but Suburb Scout is only available to Android phone users. If you are looking for a home in St. Louis and you have an iPhone or a Blackberry, Judy Brown would be happy to pull up the information for you on her Droid phone when she is out showing you property.

Though I was aware of Suburb Scout already, credit is given to Lani Rosales of Agent Genius for writing an article that inspired me to pass on the information to St. Louis home buyers.