I often hear from clients that they don’t want to try to sell their home in the winter because no one buys homes in the winter.

Not true. Granted, there are fewer buyers in the winter, but there is also less competition for those buyers, and the buyers are more motivated. To read more about how supply and demand impacts the real estate market, take a look at my article on winter buyers.

Still skeptical…I just received a contract for one of my listing two days ago, and the buyers wanted to close in 16 days! And, I’m expecting a contract on another listing tomorrow.

In fact, my showings have been going up in the last few months. In November, my listings averaged 38% more showings than my September listings received.

Of course, showings don’t just happen. I market my listings aggressively to other agents that are actively working in the target area. In order to know what works and what doesn’t, I track where my showings are coming from and can identify which showings result from specific marketing activities.

Here are results for my current listings.

Listing Location% of Showings Directly Due to Marketing
University City26%
South City40%
St. Charles31%
CWE condo64%

Buyers DO Buy in the Winter:

Below are the number of homes & condos that sold last year from December through February. I’ve also included the monthly average for 2006 for each county.

Chart of sold homes over winter months

Are the number of closed sales during the winter lower than the monthly average? Yes.

Is it a big difference? I don’t think so!

Most homes in the St. Louis region close in about 30 days. Given that few buyers are looking at homes during the last 2 weeks of December, it’s not surprising that the January numbers are lower than December or February.

But even then…over 1400 homeowners SOLD their home in January.




Bottom line, if you are ready to sell, go ahead and get your house on the market. If you price your house appropriately for the market and follow your agents advice for staging and minor repairs, there is no reason that you need to wait until spring to list your home.

If you would like to discuss if it would make sense to put your house on the market now rather than waiting until spring, contact me for a FREE home evaluation and marketing strategy plan.