Open Table makes dining out in St. Louis easy.

Open Table allows you to go online or use the app on your phone to see the dates and times when reservations are available at specific restaurants and then reserve your table without every picking up the phone.

Currently there are 109 St. Louis area restaurants in their system, but I expect that number to grow as the service becomes more popular in our area.

Whether you are trying to decide where to eat on a specific night, or you are trying to see when you can get into that restaurant that always seems to be booked up in advance, Open Table makes it easy.


To encourage you to make your reservations through the system, you earn points for every reservation that you make through the website and then show up at the restaurant. Points get converted into gift certificates that can be used at the restaurants, and restaurants can boost their exposure by offering bonus points for dining with them.

The site also includes a profile of each restaurant, links to the restaurant’s website and Open Table user reviews.

I first discovered Open Table when vacationing in New York City. It was a perfect solution for eating out while on vacation and can definitely see myself using this website at home too.