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Creve Coeur offers a wide range of housing from moderate priced homes to upscale subdivisions in some of the more affluent portions of St. Louis County. Housing tends to be more expensive in the Ladue School District portions of Creve Coeur, but there are also fairly high priced homes also within the Parkway boundaries. Properties are primarily single family homes, condominiums and rental properties. Properties range from small ranch homes built in the 1960-1980s to grand homes in exclusive subdivisions.

All of the land in the district is developed, so newer homes almost always are the result of an older home being torn down. The rare completely new subdivision will be priced at a premium.

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School buses

Creve Coeur residents attend either Parkway School District or Ladue School District, two of the most popular school districts in the county.

Parkway School District is considered one of the best public school districts in the St. Louis area, covering much of West County. Parkway has 4 high schools, 5 middle schools and 18 elementary schools. Click here to see a boundary map for Parkway schools or for the state report card through the Dept. of Education.

Ladue School District is considered by many as the top school district in the region. It is located to the to the east of the Parkway part of Creve Coeur. It has 1 high school, 1 middle school and 4 elementary schools.

Click here to see a boundary map for Ladue schools, state report card through the Dept. of Education or Census bureau statistics.

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