I recently helped Michael and Jenny close on their new home.

I actually started working with them a couple of years ago. The first time we got together, I visited their home since they would be selling too. I took one look at their (adorable) pit bull dog, and told them we needed confirm where they could live with their dog without restrictions.

If you didn’t realize it already, I’m a huge dog lover. I’ve been volunteering with dog rescues and most of the time have a couple of foster dogs in my own home. I knew from working in rescue that pit bulls can’t live everywhere, so I looked for a comprehensive list to give my clients.  When I couldn’t find a list I thought was good enough, I put together a list for myself.

Where Can Pit Bulls Live in St. Louis? | Arch City Homes

Where Can Pit Bulls Live in St. Louis? | Arch City Homes

Where Can Pit Bulls Live in St. Louis? | Arch City Homes

Morgan got a LOT of treats during the photo shoot!

Where Can You Live in St. Louis with a Pit Bull?

If you live in a municipality that has rules impacting specific breeds of dogs, you have to follow those rules. Living in an area without breed specific legislation (BSL), will make your life easier if you own a pit bull or Rottweiler in the St. Louis area.

Currently, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles City or St. Charles County don’t have any BSL restrictions!

Some cities in St. Louis County prohibit pit bulls and Rottweilers entirely. Others declare them dangerous simply based on their breed or appearance. All cities have ordinances that impact dangerous dogs, so you really need to know if your sweet dog who wouldn’t hurt a fly is going to be deemed dangerous simply because of the way he looks.

If you own or plan to adopt a pit bull or Rottweiler, you NEED to check the BSL restrictions for areas you are considering BEFORE picking a house.

What Do Cities Consider a Pit Bull?

The text below is the Normandy definition of a “pit bull”:

Any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds of bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, any breed commonly known as pit bulls, pit bull dogs or pit bull terriers, or a combination of any of those breeds.

Laws can change, and while I will try to keep this updated, you should not rely just on this list. Click through to the links to confirm any rules impacting the area you will live. If a city isn’t on this list and you own a dog that you believe could be banned, check with the municipality before making an offer on a house. 

NO BSL Restrictions:

BSL Restrictions in St. Louis County Municipalities:

Are You Thinking About Moving?

I specialize in selling St. Louis region homes regardless of whether they will be the hot listing to hit the market or if they have a challenge that makes it much harder to sell. I also work with buyers who want to find the home of their dreams but don’t want to overpay.

And if you are an animal owner, I would love to work with you. Whether you need to board your horse nearby, have a dedicated room for your iguana or don’t want the cat to escape during home showings, I can help you.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the St Louis area, give me a call at 314-265-8073 and let’s talk about your options.