Cat Door Solutions:

I spend a lot of time talking about pet friendly homes features focusing on dogs, but today I want to show you one creative option for a cat door opening in your home. 

If you have your litterbox in the basement or even in the laundry room or a closet, one of these solutions may make your home cat friendly.

Cat Door with Brush:


This cat door was built into the basement laundry room door at a home I sold. The door was there when my clients bought the house, and my clients added the brush bristles on the inside side of the door to give kitty a light brushing each time she headed to the litter box.


Cat Door that Closes:

With the mini-cat door closed, it looks like a door you would find in a fairy tale. 

Once the door is opened to allow the cat (or very small dog) to go in and out on their own, it looks still has stylish look.

If you are a pet owner and want a pet-friendly realtor in St. Louis, we should talk.