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Living on Lindell:

The north side of Forest Park is lined with grand mansions mostly built around the time of the of the 1094 World’s Fair. Yes there is traffic on Lindell Blvd, but you just can’t beat the view and access to the park directly across the street.

A few weeks ago I took a walk and snapped some pictures.

Click on the images to get larger pictures.

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While most of the homes are turn of the century mansions, there are some modern structures too.

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Home prices range from $750,000 – $1,750,000. There is also an opportunity for one future owner to design their own home on the lot for sale.

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The Lindell Blvd stretch is in a great location. It’s wedged between the Central West End, Washington University and is just blocks from Clayton and University City. But the big draw is Forest Park. I would surely get more exercise if this trail was across the street from my home.

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And here’s a quick 360 degree view standing in front of the History Museum at Lindell and DeBaliviere.

You can see more pictures of Forest Park on my Flickr page.

Forest Park is just a short walk from many homes and condos that surround the park. From the 1904 World’s Fair mansions on Lindell Blvd to the condos by the DeBaliviere Metro station, there are homes in every budget.

See current homes for sale near Forest Park in the adjacent zip codes:

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