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Explore St. Louis:

With cold weather just around the corner, a friend and I took a drive out the the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge a week ago to take some pictures and explore the area.

On the way, we stopped and snapped a few pictures of Bob Cassilly’s Cementland through this very cool fence made from cement truck mixers and old railroad tracks.

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We also stopped at Confluence Park, where the Mississippi and the Missouri River’s merge.

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Old Chain of Rocks Bridge:

We crossed the Mississippi River via the New Chain of Rocks Bridge and parked near the Illinois entrance to the historic bridge.

The 1 mile bridge across the Mississippi is the perfect length for a nice walk. I was surprised at how much the scenery changed from one side to the other. On the Missouri side, the bridge entrance quickly has a clear view of the river. In comparison, you walk through trees and lush landscaping for a bit on the Illinois side of the bridge.

I took a ton of pictures. Here are my favorites. Click on the images to get a bigger image.

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You can see more of the pictures on my Flickr page.

To reach the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge from St. Louis, take Highway 270 north toward Chicago and exit at the last Missouri exit, Riverview Drive. Or stay on the highway and take the New Chain of Rocks bridge to the Illinois parking area.

See map…

You can seem more St. Louis pictures on my Flickr page.

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