St. Louis Restaurant Review: Twin Oak Wood Fired Fare - Arch City Homes #stlouis

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Last month my sister and I went to Twin Oak Wood Fired Fare for lunch.

I’ve eaten there a couple of times before, but it was shortly after they opened and I was eager to go back to see if I still liked it as much as I remembered.

I’m really glad I did.

St. Louis Restaurant Review: Twin Oak Wood Fired Fare - Arch City Homes #stlouis

The inside of the restaurant is relaxed and spacious. I like the decor and that the tables aren’t crammed together so close that you can overhear your neighbor’s entire conversation.

The restaurant wasn’t very busy when we were there, but it was on the late end of the weekday lunch hour. I hope they are more crowded at dinner time, since I really don’t want this restaurant to fail.

St. Louis Restaurant Review: Twin Oak Wood Fired Fare - Arch City Homes #stlouis

One of the things I really like about Twin Oak is that they let you order pizzas half and half. While this is common at traditional pizza companies, I’m don’t think you can do this at most restaurants that focus on specialty pizzas.

Even better, they don’t charge you for the more expensive pizza. Twin Oak just charges you for what you ordered. I got a pizza that was 1/2 a $14 pizza and 1/2 a $10 pizza. Instead of being charged $14, I was only charged $12. I know it’s only $2, but I appreciate not being charged for ingredients that they didn’t have to use.

The crust is thick and chewy, with slightly charred spots on the edges and bottom. Oh so good.

My sister and I decided to get our own pizzas and both ordered them half & half so we could try two different ones, but we really could have shared a pizza if we just added a small salad or split a large one.

St. Louis Restaurant Review: Twin Oak Wood Fired Fare - Arch City Homes #stlouis

One side of my pizza was The Mediterranean. It has wood-fired chicken, spinach, Kalamatta olives, artichoke hearts and mozzarella with tomato sauce. It normally comes with red bell peppers but I don’t like them so I had them leave them off.

I really enjoyed the flavor of the salty olives and artichoke hearts, and would order this again.

The other half of my pizza was The Classic with basil, mozzarella and tomato sauce. I thought this was just ok. I was expecting fresh mozzarella in big chunks, not regular shredded mozzarella. It was ok, just nothing really exciting.

We weren’t on a time crunch, but they do offer a 10 minute guarantee during lunch for those who have to get in and out quickly. Just sit at the bar and if you don’t have your pizza in 10 minutes, you’ll get it free.

The menu also includes appetizers, salads, sandwiches, wraps, entrees, sides and dessert. And alcoholic drinks.

See the full menu…

St. Louis Restaurant Review: Twin Oak Wood Fired Fare - Arch City Homes #stlouis

They also offer specials from 4-6 PM on weekdays.

  • $3 off all pizzas
  • $2 off wings and ribs
  • $1 off all adult beverages

The Wednesday special is perfect for wings lovers. From 6-8 PM, they have a bottomless wings special for $10.

Twin Oak Wood Fired Fare also offers delivery through a third party delivery company. I didn’t know this until I checked out the website for this review and will have to add this to my delivery options!

The only negative for Twin Oak Wood Fired Fare is that parking can be a pain. They are located in the middle of Hanley Road and share a parking lot with Houlihan’s restaurant and a condo complex. The parking just outside their door is really limited, so there is a chance you will be parking in the attached parking garage and walking a bit. It’s not the end of the world, but plan on a short walk if you are hitting the restaurant during peak hours.