Today I want to tell you about a service that a buyer’s agent can offer for clients who are searching for a house.

Video Property Tours for Buyers:

I know it’s a long video, but you’ll get the idea if you watch at least the first couple of minutes. This home is located in Lafayette Square and is currently for sale for $175,000. If you have interest in this property, let me know and I can get you more information including a longer video which includes the basement. The property is listed by Ryan Shaughnessy with PREA Signature Realty.

Screening Homes for Buyers:

Buyers spend a lot of time screening through properties on the internet. They use pictures and video to decide which properties are worth the time for an actual visit.

But sometimes getting out to see all of the homes a buyer might be interested in is a problem.

Relocating Buyers:

airplaneRelocating buyers may have to wait weeks or months between visits. I spent 5 years working with buyers relocating to St. Louis.

Between scheduled trips, many of my clients were willing to jump on a plane and get to St. Louis quickly to see a home rather than having it sell before their next visit.

I would often take dozens of pictures of a home to help these out of town buyers decide if they should schedule an extra trip to see a house. I even had one couple who bought a home without seeing it. I met one of their relatives at the house and we videotaped it. After watching a VCR tape that was overnighted to them, they made an offer based solely on the video.

Now that I have a Flip Video Camera, I can provide even more comprehensive information for my buyer clients.

Busy Local Buyers:

At times, local buyers have such a busy schedule that they don’t have time to get out to a house quickly.

I ran into that problem this week.

I’m working with a couple and we went and looked at homes on Monday. One of the homes was everything my clients wanted in a new home. Even though it is a foreclosure, this house is in remarkably good condition. Priced under value for the neighborhood, we are concerned that it might sell very fast since time is running out for the home buyer tax credit.

But we had one problem. There was another home that my clients wanted to see before making a decision. Since their schedule didn’t allow them to get to this other house for a few days, I went over to the house and videotaped it for them.

Based on a longer version of the video above, they decided that they didn’t need to see the house. Erin even commented that she felt like she was standing there with me as I walked through the home.

Today, we made an offer on the foreclosure.

There were already two offers on the house and we expect to hear from the bank tomorrow. Had we waited until tomorrow to go see the 2nd house, we would have lost the chance to bid on the one they really want!