If you follow me on social media or have met me in person, you know I love dogs. I have one dog of my own, Milo. Plus I foster rescue dogs and find them new families.

So, it was important to me when I joined Circa Properties over 4 years ago that I was joining a dog friendly company.

Circa Properties | Arch City Homes

I also like working in a modern space that is flooded with sunlight, that does everything it can to support the agents and clients.

Plus, how can you go wrong with an office that is painted orange.

But let’s get back to the dogs.

Not only does Circa welcome agents and visitors to bring dogs to the office, but Circa even has a resident dog. Loki is our broker’s dog, and he comes to the office most days. He thinks it is his second home and will make you step over him rather than moving out of the way.

Circa Properties LOVES Dogs | Arch City Homes

He also likes to hang out by the front door, watching for anyone who might show up with food.

Circa Properties LOVES Dogs | Arch City Homes

Milo, my dog, likes to go to the office too. Loki and Milo are still learning to be friends, but everyone is a good sport when the dogs end up barking because Milo just stole Lucky’s bone.

Karen’s Foster Dogs:

I usually have 1-2 foster dogs living with me while I search for the right family to adopt them. Honestly, it’s not all that different than selling homes. I figure out what the dog needs and who is going to want the dog, and then I market the dog via websites, social media and video.

I also work on socializing the dog so they are comfortable with new people. And that means taking them as many places as I can and having strangers hold them.

Luckily, everyone at Circa loves seeing my foster dogs. Sometimes the dogs even help with closings and attend meetings.

If you are ready to move and you have a dog, you need an agent who understands how the move will impact every member of your family. And that includes the dogs.