The internet offers a ton of fun tools to find all types of information.

As a regular reader of many other blogs, I ran across a post on GeekEstateBlog that was about a new rental information website, Zilpy. As I delved into this post, I followed a link to Hotpads, another rental website. I’ve actually had a rental listing advertised on this site, but had never taken the time to play around with the features.

I guess I had a little extra time on my hands, but I started playing around. I discovered that if you to enter a zip code and then select the heat map for average income, you will be able to see visually how wealthy (or poor) are various parts of the St. Louis area (NOTE: if you unclick the boxes for the type of properties, all of the properties icons will disappear and you’ll get a better view of the city map).

Have you ever been traveling and are trying to get a feel for where the nicer parts of town are? Or maybe you are considering a relocation and want to get a feel for the affluence level of various parts of town. This map gives you a great visual to help you get the lay of the land.

Zoom out and you can even see how counties compare to each other on income level.

It also offers other “heat maps”, giving you visual information on population density, per capita income, median age, percentage of renters, and median rental prices.