Ladder and hammer

If you want for your home to maintain its value, you need to perform regular maintenance on your home.

Home maintenance does add not value to your property the same way that home improvements do, but the lack of maintenance will result in your home becoming worth less than similar nearby properties.

Consumer Reports offers a list of items you need to check each spring to ensure your home maintains its value.

8 Spring Home Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Deck Maintenance – eliminate hazards and water leaks where the deck adjoins the house, pressure wash the deck to eliminate moss and mold
  2. Air Conditioner Cleaning – clean the outdoor air conditioner condenser
  3. Foundation Cracks – monitor to make sure they aren’t getting bigger and fill small hairline cracks with epoxy
  4. Garage Door Opener – check to make sure the door opens smoothly and reverses properly
  5. Gutters – clean the gutters and check for corrosion, leaks and fasteners are secure
  6. Roofing – check for cracked, curled and missing shingles and roof leaks
  7. Trim Trees – hire a professional to trim dead branches if they are too high for you to remove
  8. Cracked Pavement – patch or fill cracks in asphalt or concrete to prevent them from getting worse

See the Consumer Reports article for more information and detailed DIY instructions