Since private schools don’t typically publish the same data that is available for public schools, it can be hard to compare schools when trying to choose which one is right for your family. Luckily, St. Louis Magazine publishes an annual private school information chart in their March issue to help families compare the schools.

Some of the high schools don’t publish test scores, but here are the ones that give you their results of the SAT & ACT college entrance tests.

High School ACT SAT
Abiding Lutheran Savior 78%
Cardinal Ritter College Prep 20
Chaminade College Prep 24 1704
Christ Community Lutheran 78%
Christian Brothers College 22
Cor Jesu Academy 28 1859
Crosspoint Christian 26
Crossroads College Prep 27 1830
De Smet Jesuit 26 1888
Grace Chapel Lutheran 60%
Incarnate Word 23
John Burroughs 31 2120
Block Yeshiva 28 2033
Lutheran High School North 31
Lutheran High School South 25
Mary Institute & Country Day (MICDS) 28 1975
Nerinx Hall 27
North County Christian 22
Notre Dame 22
The Principia mid 50%
Rosati-Kain 26 1741
St. John the Baptist 21
St. Louis Priory 29 1938
St. John Vianney 23
St. Joseph’s Academy 25 1807
St. Louis University High School 29 1963
Thomas Jefferson 2070
Tower Grove Christian 24
Trinity Catholic 22
Ursuline Academy 23
Villa Duchesne 27 1750
Visitation Academy 30 1904
Westminster Christian Academy 27 2080
Whitfield 27 1850
Word of Life Lutheran 73%

Yes, there are many other factors to use to determine which school is right for your child. Test scores aren’t everything. But, they are a piece of the picture that is often hard to obtain on your own. I hope you find the chart helpful.

For more information on many of these schools, take a look at my school information page which also includes links to every public high school district in the area and public school state report cards.